Build Credit


Apply for your Credit builder card in 3 minutes and start living your best credit life.

The credit builder card with your credit score in app.

A card made with your credit score in mind

It’s true, we’ve made a card focused on helping you boost your score. No credit checks. No interest. Everyone deserves a chance at working on their credit.

Why is your score important?

A credit score of 670 reads as ‘reliable’ and opens doors to the following:

Your home – rented (your landlord is snooping)

Your home – bought (one day). Mortgage providers snoop too and this determines the interest rate they’ll loan you, which could help you save thousands in the long run

Your car – auto-loan companies will be checking it

Your job – the employer of your dreams is probably creeping your credit too

Account screen showing the money available on the credit builder card.

Building credit
can be hard

That’s why we’ve kept our builder subscription reeeeal simple. We designed your card so that all you need to do to give building credit a go is add a few bucks to your security deposit (which becomes your credit limit) and spend like normal. Literally.

For $14.99 a month you’ll get a Cleo Builder subscription that unlocks your card, cash advances**, cashback rewards**, and priority support for your credit journey.

Safety first

Each month, you’ll never spend more than what’s in your security deposit, which makes it really hard to miss a payment or go into debt. (We would say impossible but ya know…lawyers.)

Small steps add up

At the end of the month, Cleo reports your payment history to credit bureaus. Over time, on-time payments should help your credit score.

Getting set up


Download the Cleo app


Sign up for the Credit builder card by typing ‘Credit builder’ to Cleo


She’ll direct you to add money to your security deposit


You start spending it and work on building credit in the process

How to
play your
card right

Add some cash

The amount you put in your security deposit becomes your credit limit. So actually transferring some cash there is important. FYI, you’re good to spend everything you transfer, as utilization is not reported.

You can

  • Add money to your security deposit when you're paid

  • Check your balance in the Cleo app

Go shopping
(yep, we said that)

Using your credit builder card at least once a month is recommended. You don’t have to go wild or anything but the main purpose of the card is to build your credit score, so you do have to use it to remind the credit people that it exists.

You can

  • Use your card at least once a month

  • Add bills or subscriptions so you drop the life admin and spend automatically

Use your bills

Pay your bills with your credit builder card and invest in your credit future while staying on top of things. Win win.

You can

  • Keep carefree credit building on

  • Set up bill reminders

  • Add your bills to your Cleo budget, she’ll  keep you on the straight and narrow

Track your score

A magnificent credit score does not happen overnight, but eyeballing your score now and then definitely doesn’t hurt. It means if there are changes you know what’s happened, why it happened and what you can do to get back on track.

Things you can do

  • Keep track of your credit score in the borrow tab

  • Explore your score over time and see how it’s changed from month to month

App store
56.3k Ratings
Google Play
21.4K Ratings
I looked into it and thought, well Cleo helps me in other ways anyway, and I'm looking to rebuild my credit.
App store review
Um, a card that would help me build my credit just by putting money in it and using it to make purchases? Not everybody is perfect and my credit could use a little help.
App store review
When you first told me about the credit builder card I was like yes, I need this, because I do have bad credit.
App store review
To add a certain amount on the card and be able to pay all those expenses off of one thing – Cleo gives it all and I like to be able to have one place to go.
App store review


Cash advance**

Cleo can spot you up to $100 (for when the month is giving you big retrograde energy and so is your landlord).

Cash back**

Spend money in some of your favourite stores, get a little back.

Priority support

Not that you’ll need it though. You’re good at spending your money.

The credit builder card with your credit score in app.

Ready to live your best credit life?

* Cleo Credit Builder Card issued by WebBank, Member FDIC.
** Cash advance and cashback rewards are a feature of the Cleo Builder Subscription and not a feature of the Cleo Credit Builder Card.