Can I set up category budgets?

Cut back on spending with category-based spend limits

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

Can I set up budgets for different categories? Like a budget for groceries?

Yes, you sure can. Head to the Budget tab and tap on your spend limit. This is the number underneath the hand icon on the left.

Once you're on your spend limit page, here's how to set category limits:

  1. Flip the switch next to "category limits" to start budgeting by category. From this view, you can adjust all your category limits at once.

  2. If you want to adjust a category's limit while looking at that category's recent spending, head to the Budget tab, scroll down to the category, and tap it.

  3. Don't forget, you might need to check both "Essential spending" and "Other spending" if you're looking for a category.

How do I set a category as "Essential spending" or "Other spending"?

If you want to set a category as "Essential spending" or "Other spending", head to the Budget tab, scroll down to "Spending", and tap "edit categories" to sort categories between essential and other.

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