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The games 🎯

Everything you need to know about Cleo's weekly games

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

What are the games, then?

We have two games but we only send one of them every week (on Saturday). In both, you’re challenged to a chat quiz - either about your spending or upcoming bills. All questions are multiple-choice (cause we're not cruel)

When can I play?

You can play a game in chat every Saturday, and only on Saturday. You'll get a notification when the game's ready to go - just respond in chat.

What's the point?

The point of the games, most importantly, is to help you get to know your money. You might be asked about anything from where you spent most this week, to when your next bill is due

But it's fun! Promise.

Why don’t I get notifications to play?

Our chat games need financial data from you to qualify to play. If you’re not getting game notifications on Saturdays, try these:

  • Turn notifications on

  • Be sure the account you use most is connected to the app

  • Add all bills to the budget tool

Or maybe you didn’t spend money or don’t have bills coming (you legend)

Can I win money?

Sorry, you can't win money playing the games right now. But get all the answers right and you'll win the pride of knowing where your money went, or the joy of "launching bills your into space" (not literally, but you'll have a great time pretending)

Why did you take away the prize money?

As of 8/25/22, we ended our prize money giveaways on our games. When we launched our first game, we were giving out little tiny prizes to everyone... like, $0.25 each which was not that exciting

Then we decided bigger prizes would be more fun

We're still figuring out the bigger prizes thing cause we wanna keep it fair and worth your while ✨

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