My balance is incorrect

How do I update my balance?

Written by Roisin Allum
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Refreshing account balances

Your transactions are refreshed in the app twice a day.  If your most recent transactions aren't showing up, it could be that your accounts just haven't refreshed yet

Just say "refresh" in chat to get the most up-to-date transactions - you'll be notified when your updated data is ready

Available balance vs balance breakdown

You can get two kinds of balances in chat:

  1. Available balance - This is the amount of money in your bank account that's available to spend. It subtracts your pending transactions and credit card balances but doesn't include any arranged overdraft coverage. To see yours, type "balance" in chat

  2. Balance breakdown - This is a list of individual balances within each of your accounts. Checking, savings, credit cards, your Cleo Wallet... these are all listed separately and account for pending transactions, too

All your balances are taken from pulling your account data twice daily. If they're inaccurate please try typing "refresh" in chat to manually refresh that sh*t

If the balance is still very wrong...

If your balance still looks off, check your accounts for any disconnections (type "accounts" in chat to do this fast), or type "talk to a human" in chat to get actual humans to help

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