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My Cleo Wallet is suspended, what do I do?
My Cleo Wallet is suspended, what do I do?

What to do if your Cleo Wallet is suspended

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

Why is my Cleo Wallet suspended?Β 

If you got a message saying your Cleo Wallet is suspended, it's probably because the information entered didn't match what the government has on file for you πŸ€”

We use a savings provider called DWOLLA to confirm your information. They use your Social Security Number to cross-check the information on your government record with the information you provide us. If this information doesn't match, the Wallet will be suspended

The good news? Suspensions are only temporary and there could be an easy fix

How do I remove the suspension?

If your Cleo Wallet's been suspended, just wait 24 hours to re-enter your information and try again - and that should do the trick πŸͺ„

Since suspensions are processed at the end of each day, if you try again tomorrow you should be successful. Just make sure you provide your legal name and date of birth when you fill out the first form

Why was I asked to provide a document for verification?Β 

In order to connect your Cleo Wallet, DWOLLA might prompt you to provide documentation to verify your identity πŸ₯Έ

Keep in mind, it takes 2 working days for your document(s) to be verified. If there's an issue with a document you provided, you'll receive an email telling you why it's been rejected and a request to resubmit it

If it's been longer than 2 business days and you haven't heard back, get in touch with support

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