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Why has Cleo charged me?
Why has Cleo charged me?

You want to know why there's a charge from Cleo on your account

Written by Daniel
Updated over a week ago

If you're seeing a charge on your account from Cleo but you're not sure where exactly it came from, here are some possibilities:

If the amount you were charged looks super random (like $2.35 or $13.95) it's probably from the Autosave featureย 

Autosave lets you set aside a certain amount from your spending account that gets transferred into your Cleo Wallet every Thursday

But don't fret. You can transfer the money back to your account. Just go to the "Chat" tab and type "withdraw" followed by the amount you want back

For example, if Autosave deposited $4.44 in your Cleo Wallet and you want it back in your account, just type "withdraw $4.44" in the "Chat" tab in the app, and the money will show up within 4 business days

And if you want to turn off Autosave, just type "turn off autosave" in the app

If you've been charged $5.99, it's most likely because you signed up for Cleo Plus

If you paid for Cleo Plus and changed your mind, that's ok โœจ

Just type "cancel Plus" to Cleo in the app and you'll be guided through the unsubscribe process. If you cancel Cleo Plus within 7 days of signing up without requesting a cash advance, you'll be refunded your subscription payment. The money will go back to the card you used to sign up within 4 business days ๐Ÿงฎ

You can read all about the refund policy right here

If you've been charged $3.99, you might have opted to receive your cash advance via Express Payout

Express Payout is offered when you request a cash advance. With Express Payout, you get your cash advance within 24 hours instead of having to wait the standard 4 business days. This service costs $3.99 and is charged at the same time as your advance repayment.

If you've requested a cash advance, Cleo might have automatically taken your repayment

Cleo doesn't have an endless supply of parachutes - she needs the money back so more people can benefit from the resource ๐Ÿช‚

On your repayment date, Cleo will try to take your cash advance payment automatically, and she'll remind you about it 2 days before its due. The repayment will usually clear within 3 business days if you've taken out the advance with a card ๐Ÿ’ณ

You can read more about cash advance repayments here.

If it's another amount, you might have manually moved money to your Cleo Wallet

Money usually gets moved to your Cleo Wallet if you type something like "save 50" to Cleo in the app. But don't worry, you can make the money reappear ๐Ÿช„

Just type "withdraw" followed by the amount you want to get back. For example, if you moved $20 to your Cleo Wallet and you wanted it back in your account, you'd type "withdraw $20" in the "Chat" tab, and the money would be back in your account within 4 business days โœจ

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