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Why can't I borrow? 😕
How come I don't qualify? 😕
How come I don't qualify? 😕

You’ve just paid a subscription fee and Cleo says you don't qualify for the $100

Written by Daniel
Updated over a week ago

We totally get your frustration. You’ve paid the money to get the advance and Cleo says you can’t have it.

Or you can only have $50 or $75, not the whole hundred

Here’s the thing: we like to think of cash advance as a parachute. Like, designed for emergency use... to stop you from falling from the sky when you get hit by overdraft fees.

Cleo doesn't have an endless supply of parachutes and they take a while to get sorted out - think of all the safety checks, and the repackaging that needs to be done before they can be dished out to the next person 

We need to be sure that we're handing out parachutes to those who are able hand them back on time -  so other people can pull the cord when they need it most 🤞

Qualifying is all about how likely you are to be able to pay your advance back at the time you ask for it (without putting yourself in the financial danger zone). 

So, she looks at your paycheck, your spending habits, your budget; she does *a lot* of number crunching and uses some heckin’ complex math to figure it out.

If you don't qualify for an advance, it means you haven't passed Cleo's parachuting safety checks. However, all hope is not lost - Cleo can help you try and pass in the future.

💬 Just head back to the app and type “do I qualify” in chat. Cleo will let you know about the areas you need to fix in order for her to be confident that you can pay back at this particular time

While you're waiting to see if you qualify, there are other features that you get for that subscription each month, like cash back on your everyday spends straight to your Cleo Wallet.

We know that the cash advance can't magic away all your financial problems. But we really believe that, as we add more stuff to Cleo Plus, we can create a range of features that mean you never need to pull that emergency cord in the first place 🙌

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