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How do I get my money out my Cleo Wallet?
How do I get my money out my Cleo Wallet?

If you want to withdraw from your Cleo Wallet, here's how.

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you want to spend your hard-saved money. Or maybe Cleo autosaved some for you and you need to get it back.

Before you withdraw, don't forget that you can only withdraw money once it's in your Wallet. If your money is in "pending", you need to wait for it to clear before withdrawing.

Once you withdraw from your Wallet, it can take up to 4 business days for your money to clear into your bank account (so weekends and holidays don’t count).

Here are a couple of ways to get money out your Wallet.

Talk to Cleo

If you want to withdraw money in chat, say “withdraw $amount” in chat.

You'll be asked to confirm the amount before it begins to process. Make sure you hit the "confirm" button or your money won't go anywhere. 

If you change your mind about the withdrawal, hit "wait no" and the transaction will be cancelled.

To withdraw money from your Wallet, you can also say “Wallet” in chat.. 

A menu will appear. Tap the button that says "Withdraw" and follow the instructions to withdraw money from your Wallet.

From the save tab

To withdraw from your Wallet outside of chat, head to the save tab, hit the "Withdraw" button, and follow the instructions.

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