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Income FAQs ๐Ÿ’ธ

Has Cleo not detected your salary or wages? Have you changed jobs? Are you paid weekly?

Written by Barney Hussey-Yeo
Updated over a week ago

How do I set or edit my income?

If you want to set or edit your income, type "income" in chat and select "Edit income". You can either select an existing deposit as your regular income, or add one manually.

If you want to attach your income to your budget (which you definitely should), head to the Budget tab and select the settings icon in the top right โš™๏ธ

Don't forget: you need to connect a bank account before you add your income.

How do I adjust my payday?

To adjust your payday, type "income" in chat and select "Edit income" to see your options.

Can I budget around my paycheck?

Yes, you can definitely budget around your paycheck. Make sure your income is added to your budget by select the settings icon in the top right of the Budget tab โš™๏ธ Once you do this, your budget will automatically refresh whenever you get paid.

Why is Cleo asking if she has my income correct?

Occasionally, you might get a notification asking you to verify your income. This usually happens when you get paid on a different day than the one you initially set, like if your payday gets moved up because of a holiday.

If you get this notification, just follow the directions and you'll be sorted in no time.


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