What can't Cleo do?

She's pretty amazing, but what's not on her roster right now?

Written by Ciara Jack
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Let's get the ball rolling: she can't straighten your bangs, or make baby sweetcorn taste bearable, but she can do plenty of other things like help you build credit and budget based on categories and your income.

If you want to know what's not currently available with Cleo, here are some things yet to make it in-app.

Cleo cannot:

πŸ’³ Give you your personal card or account number in chat

πŸ’Ό Connect to a business account

⏳ Extend your subscription payment date

🀝 Transfer money to charities

🌎 Interact with international and foreign banks outside of the United States

πŸ“ Remember details to send you later

πŸ” Lock the app

πŸ› Use as a marketplace to sell phones or other goods

πŸ’΅ Take money that's not from a bank

πŸ— Add a password

πŸ’² Add assets, Moneybox, pensions or Splitwise

❗️ Set up reminders about your income, debits or when you're in your overdraft

πŸ’¬ Offer cheaper financial deals

πŸ–‹ Offer help with taxes

πŸ“† Set up or arrange appointments

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Send peer to peer transactions, so for example paying your friend or your landlord's account

πŸ‘« Offer a refer a friend discount: Cleo no longer offers a refer a friend perk

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