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Cleo Grow savings FAQs
Cleo Grow savings FAQs

How to set a goal and start saving

Written by Ciara Jack
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Cleo's savings feature has recently been refreshed, upgraded and improved. If you choose to subscribe to Cleo Grow* you'll get treated to 4.11% APY† on your savings pot. Plus you'll get access to automated savings hacks that help you supercharge the amount you put away, all so you can reach your savings goals faster.

Introduction to Cleo Grow

What is Cleo Grow?

Cleo Grow is the vice cutting and saving subscription tier, that uses personalized data, challenges and goals to boost the amount you save – and with an added interest rate. Cleo Grow can be found in the Save and Habits tabs.

How do I know if I have a Cleo Grow subscription?

You will receive a confirmation email when you set up Cleo Grow. If you have a subscription, you will also be able to access your Grow features in the Habits tab and the Save tab.

I’m on another subscription, do I get access to Grow?

The great news is that Cleo Grow is included in Plus and Builder, so you can not only nab a cash advance and build credit, but save too.

Why isn’t my bank connecting?

If you're getting an invalid credentials error, try this:

  1. Disconnect all accounts associated with the bank you’re having trouble with

  2. Log into your online bank account (to confirm you have your bank login details correct)

  3. Log out of your online bank account, and close all browsers

  4. Wait 15 mins

  5. Try connecting your bank account to the Cleo app again

You may see another active session error. This means our data partner sees your online banking login as being active somewhere else

To fix this, try logging out of your online banking or mobile app, wait 15 minutes, and try connecting again

What's a save hack?

A save hack is a saving method that helps you supercharge the amounts you deposit to your savings. You boost your savings with your own money, but based on your spending habits. It will be deposited to your goal every Thursday.

Here are the save hacks available to you if you subscribe to Cleo Grow:


Every time you spend, Cleo rounds up your purchase and saves the change.

So if you blow $4.50 on Starbucks, Cleo will automatically add $0.50 to your savings.

Swear Jar

Got a guilty pleasure? Cleo will fine you by adding cash to your savings each time you spend there.

So, say you set your Swear Jar amount to $2 for every time you spend at Sephora. Whenever you blow your cash on makeup, Cleo will dunk $2 into your savings for you.

Set and Forget

Choose how much to transfer each week and set it to save automatically.

Smart Save

Cleo calculates the ideal amount to save for you using your spending data, and sets it aside for you automatically.

Save Hacks

How do I change my Save Hacks?

Head to the Save tab (the little piggy) and click the top-right arrow on your Save Hacks section. Then, once you’re on your ‘Pick your Save Hacks’ page, you can switch each hack on or off according to your liking.

Why did Cleo charge me? (Are the only charges associated with this $2.99? Are there any surprise fees?)

There are no surprise fees, there’s only the $2.99 monthly subscription. No withdrawal or monthly charges.

Moving your money

How can I deposit money into my savings?

You have two options when it comes to depositing money. One is via chat: if you have savings with Cleo, just type in chat "deposit $X", including the amount you want to deposit.

The other option is to tap "Add" underneath your savings goal on the Save tab.Enter the amount you wish to deposit and follow the steps. Enter your amount and double check the bank account you want to send it from.

How can I withdraw money from my savings?

There are two ways you can withdraw your savings in Cleo. The first and most direct way is to do this is via the Save tab. Hit the "Withdraw" button at the top, which will open the withdraw page for you. From there, just follow the steps: enter your amount and double check the bank account you want to send it to.

You can also withdraw money via chat. If you have savings with Cleo, just type "withdraw $X", with the amount of money you want to withdraw. You can only withdraw up to $1000 per day.

Is there any other way for me to spend the money in my savings? Will I receive a debit card?

There is no card associated with Cleo Grow savings or just basic (free) savings. You will need to withdraw the money to your nominated bank account.

What do I do if a deposit or withdrawal does not look correct?

If something doesn't look right in your savings withdrawals or deposits, reach out to the customer service team, who will happily investigate this for you.

Where can I find my statement?

Jump to your Cleo Grow settings (the cog at the top right on the Save tab) and select "Statements." From there, you will be able to view all your deposits and withdrawals, as well as downloading a monthly PDF statement.


How much interest will I earn with Grow?

A variable rate of 4.11% rewarded monthly on the first of the month ( which is based on your balance of the last day of the month).

When will my Cleo Grow interest be paid?

Your interest will be added to your savings within the first week of each month.

**The Cleo Grow subscription service offers users savings goals and hacks, challenges, and an annual percentage yield (APY) on savings

†The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your account is 4.11% effective 12/01/2023. Your interest rate and annual percentage yield are variable and subject to change*

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