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Yo dude,

Hope this message finds you totally stoked! I'm reaching out to you about my rent at 100 Main Street. I've been living here for a solid year now and I gotta say, I love this place. It's totally tubular and I couldn't be happier with the location and the vibe.

That being said, I wanted to bring up the rent situation. I know things have been gnarly with the pandemic and everything, and I was hoping we could work together to find a way to lower my rent. I've been a chill and respectful tenant since day one, always paying on time and taking care of the pad like it's my own. I'm planning on staying here for the long haul, and I think we can both benefit from finding a way to make the rent more affordable for me.

I'm not trying to be a total wave hog here, I just think it's fair to bring up the topic and see if there's any wiggle room. If there's anything we can do to lower the rent, even just a little bit, that would be totally rad.

Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think, bro.

Catch you on the flip side!

[Your Name]

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