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I'm getting an error when connecting my bank
I'm getting an error when connecting my bank

Getting an error when signing up or reconnecting a bank account

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

What's with errors when connecting a bank?

Sometimes you'll get an error when linking your bank account (sorry). It's usually an issue with your bank being slow to connect and our system throwing an error.

Usually trying again at a later date can work

We're working with the banks to make this more reliable 💪

Types of errors and how to fix them

Invalid credentials

If you're getting an invalid credentials error, try this:

  1. Disconnect all accounts associated with the bank you’re having trouble with

  2. Log into your online bank account (to confirm you have your bank login details correct)

  3. Log out of your online bank account, and close all browsers

  4. Wait 15 mins

  5. Try connecting your bank account to the Cleo app again

If this doesn't work, type “talk to a human” in chat to get in touch with an actual person on our team to fix this

Another active session 

Getting another active session error means our data partner sees your online banking login as being active somewhere else

To fix this, try logging out of your online banking or mobile app, wait 15 minutes, and try connecting again

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