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An AI being conscious

The Growing Debate Over Conscious AI

Can an AI be conscious? Alex Brody as he unpacks one of the many ethical questions AI researchers and modern philosophers are trying to answer

February 20, 2024
How Do Cleo Users Feel About AI

How Do Cleo Users Feel About AI?

How do Cleo users feel about AI? What are their concerns? What do they hope AI can help them accomplish?‍ Hear more from our User Research team.

February 16, 2024
A photo of Kate Pincott, Design Manager at Cleo.
Life at Cleo

What Do You Do? Design Manager

Kate joined Cleo as a Design Manager in July 2023. She’s growing our design team in 2024, so we caught up with her to find out what product designers get up to.

February 12, 2024
Couples & Money: Shared Expenses
Grow Your Wealth

Couples & Money: Shared Expenses

Sharing expenses is a big step in a relationship. It can bring you closer, or cause some serious conflict. In this article, Cleo’s here to help with some top tips for couples expense management, to make you a financial power couple.

February 6, 2024
Couples & Money: Joint Finances
Grow Your Wealth

Couples & Money: Joint Finances

For couples, joining finances is a big step. It can seem daunting, but Cleo’s here to help you with some top tips on how to approach shared financial responsibilities in a way that sets you up for the future.

January 31, 2024
A banner image showing people facing themselves and saving money

Face It

Come clean about your spending. Get dirty with a doughnut.

January 30, 2024

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