How do I cancel Cleo Plus?

You want to deactivate Cleo Plus and stop paying each month

Written by Roisin Allum
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We would love you to stay so please let us know if there's anything we can do to help before you go πŸ’™

But if you've made up your mind...

Just type "cancel" to Cleo in chat and she'll do the rest πŸ‘Œ

🚫 Make sure you let Cleo ask you a couple questions first. If you interrupt her, you won't reach the point in the conversation where you can officially cancel your subscription, and you'll have to start over (we promise it won't take long).

🚫 After you've answered Cleo's questions, you'll see a button that says "Unsubscribe πŸ’”." Once you tap that button, you should receive a confirmation email letting you know that your subscription is canceled.

🚫 If you have an active advance out when you cancel, you'll still have to repay it on the date you chose.

Looking for a refund?

If you cancel Cleo Plus within 7 days of signing up ✨ without ✨ requesting a cash advance, then you'll be refunded your subscription payment.
This money will go back to the card you used to sign up with.
⏰ Please note that refunds can take 4 business days to process. 

P.S. Deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. If you'd like to prevent further subscription charges, you must end your subscription before deleting the app πŸ™

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