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Cleo’s taking a break from the UK
Cleo’s taking a break from the UK
Written by Daniel
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But don’t worry, it’s just temporary

Cleo community, we’ve got some … news. As of February 2022, the Cleo app will no longer be downloadable in the UK. If you’re an existing user, you’ll still have access to the app. But some features won’t be available.

Ok, but why?

99% of our users are based in the US – where financial health is often overlooked. We’ve decided to shift our focus to where we can provide the most value and make the greatest impact for users who need it most. Then we’ll be able to apply what we learn to better support our UK users in the future.

So what’s changing?

If you use Cleo in the UK, we’re only stopping support for Cleo Plus and Cleo Wallet. That means you won’t be able to:

  • create a new Wallet

  • deposit money into a Wallet

  • use saving features like swear jar and round up (as these are connected to Cleo Wallet)

  • sign up for a new Cleo Plus subscription

  • access Plus features after your current subscription ends

  • download Cleo from the App Store or Google Play

I have a Cleo Plus subscription. What does this mean for me?

If you had a Cleo Plus subscription in the UK, your subscription renewal was stopped after the 19th January 2022. You can still use Cleo’s free features like chat, budget, Roast Mode, Hype Mode, and more as long as you keep Cleo on your phone.

I'm a UK user with money in my Cleo Wallet. What should I do?

You will need to withdraw money from your Cleo Wallet, back to your bank account / card. You can do that by:

  1. Select the Chat tab in the app

  2. Type ’Withdraw £X to Cleo, where X is your entire balance

You’ll need to withdraw everything in the next 30 days, back to your connected payment method.

Don’t worry, we’ll email you with reminders and help you out even if you miss the cut-off date. All deposits are 100% guaranteed.

Note that if you have an active bank account or card and haven’t withdrawn in the next 30 days, we may try to send the money straight to that account.

Any issues, reach out to Customer Support at

I can’t access the money in my Cleo Wallet.

We’re here to help you – just email Customer Support at

Can I still access Cleo?

If you still have the app on your phone, yes! You can still talk to Cleo, keep a budget, and use chat features like roast and hype.

Can I download the Cleo app from the App Store or Google Play?

We’ll be removing the app from the App Store and Google Play by late January.

If you still have the app on your phone, you will still be able to chat with Cleo, however you will not receive any new updates, and if you remove the app from your phone you will be unable to re-download it.

Will you be coming back to the UK?

Absolutely! We plan to re-launch the UK product at some point. If you would like to be the first to know about that, please leave your name and email here.

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