💸 How do I repay my cash advance?

Here's how you can settle up your cash advance

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Cleo will try and take the money to repay your advance automatically on your repayment date. She will remind you about repayment two days before it's due (she’s polite like that.) Or, you can check in on your advance at any time. Just 💬 type "cash advance" or "repayment date" into chat.

If you want to settle up early, you can also type "pay back" or "repay", and she’ll ask you how much you want to pay back. Select the full amount and she’ll process it for you right away.

If you opted for express payout, the $3.99 fee will be taken from the card you added when you repay your advance.

If you've unsubscribed but you still want to repay your advance, contact customer support by typing "humans please" in chat. Alternatively, you could email team@meetcleo.com

Once a payment successfully leaves your account, Cleo will process it and reflect it as settled up in the app. Note that banks can take a while to send off a payment, so Cleo might take a minute to reflect this change.

What happens when a payment fails? It could be because there’s not enough money in your account, or there might just be an issue with your card or bank. Don’t panic – Cleo will always let you know if your repayment fails, and will try and take the payment again at a later date.

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