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Why isn’t my paycheck 2 days early?
Why isn’t my paycheck 2 days early?

Here's why your paycheck hasn't arrived 2 days early

Written by Sarah Roberts
Updated over a week ago

So you signed up for Direct Deposit, got approved, you really wanted that paycheck 2 days early this time. Why didn't you get paid 2 days early as promised?

The get paid early feature won't become available as soon as you sign up to Direct Deposit. Instead, Cleo will tell you when it's ready to go. You'll get a notification (best to turn these on) that starts with "Your direct deposit is on its way." Next, you'll need to action this in your notification center.

After that it's pretty simple: You confirm the amount you want to get paid early by dropping the amount into the big hand (you'll see, Cleo will give you a fun little animation.) Then voilà, you just got paid early.

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