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When will my Cleo Plus subscription payment clear?
When will my Cleo Plus subscription payment clear?

You’ve paid for the subscription and want to know when you can access that sweet advance.

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

At most it will take a couple of business days (so y’know—not weekends) to process your subscription payment.

Card payments are generally quicker, but if your card payment doesn't go through, Cleo may take the payment directly from your checking account (via ACH). Payments through checking accounts usually take a bit longer, but again, at maximum two business days.

You should be able to access cash advance while your payment processes, unless you've missed a prior payment and haven't been able to pay for several days. In that case, your subscription will be lapsed which will temporarily suspend your access to an advance.

The card connected to your Cleo Plus will be charged every 28 days.

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