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What is wrong with my Cleo Plus subscription?
What is wrong with my Cleo Plus subscription?

You want that advance, but Cleo’s sent a message saying there’s something wrong

Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

You’ve tried to take out a cash advance or make a transaction, and Cleo’s not having any of it. 

It’s okay, it probably just means your subscription payment failed 🙈

Cleo will try the payment a few more times in the month after the first failure, but if you need access to your subscription, do as follows:

  1. Check that you have enough money in your account.

  2. Check that your cards is A-OK—are transactions turned on? Has it expired or does it need updating? Did you lose it and forget?

  3. Cleo will notify you when your payment fails, and give you a chance to add a new card or retry the payment from chat—so keep an eye out for a message from her 👀

  4. If you miss that notification, reach out to support by saying "I want to talk to a human" in chat. We can only retry the payment on the day (we can’t pick a vague future date) so be sure to have the money 💵

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