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Why won’t Cleo accept my card and bank details for Cleo Plus?
Why won’t Cleo accept my card and bank details for Cleo Plus?

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Written by Roisin Allum
Updated over a week ago

So, you want to sign up for Cleo Plus to level up your financial health, but Cleo won’t accept the card you submitted? Try the following 👇 :

Solutions 🚀

Try again – often when this happens, you may have simply typed a digit or two incorrectly. Please double check your card details are correct and resubmit.

Card type – you'll need a debit card to use Cleo Plus, so for credit cards and anything else it's a no-can-do.

Online banking – you'll need to have your online banking fully set up to connect your card and use your account for Cleo Plus. If you haven't set it up and try again.

Verification – you may need to submit verification documents, such as a government ID, passport or driver’s license. Cleo will let you know once you're in the clear.

Contact support – if your card is still not being accepted after you have tried the above solutions, please contact our support team and we can investigate further and solve this problem for you 🙌

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