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Cash Advance ⏰

You've got a question about Cleo's cash advance/'cover me'

Why can't I borrow? πŸ˜•

You’ve paid for your subscription, but you can't get a higher Cash Advance

How do I get my Money Back?πŸ’°

You need to cancel something, or you've been charged by Cleo and wanna know why

What does Cleo do?

You want to know what Cleo can do and how to get the most out of her

Cleo Plus πŸ‘‘

You've got a q about the thing you pay for

Cleo Wallet πŸ‘›

You want to know more about this feature, like where the money goes and how long it takes to get there

Connecting your Bank 🏦

You want to know which banks Cleo supports and how to connect them

The Game 🎯

You have a question about Cleo's weekly game/quiz/know your money, or want to know why something went wrong

Budget, Bills + Income βš–οΈ

Setting up a budget or want to manage your bills and income?

Security πŸ”’

How we keep your data safe and the trusted partners who help keep your wallets safe for you.

Categories and Transactions

Check these articles out if your balance is looking off or your transactions are in the wrong categories

Random Acts of Relief πŸ’™

Would you like to help someone through the pandemic? Or do you need help because of Covid-19?

Credit Builder Card: FAQs

Have a question about the card that needs to be answered?

Direct Deposits

Questions about Direct Deposits, Thread Bank and how to get approved

Cleo Grow 🌱

Habits and savings features