Cash Advance ⏰

You've got a question about Cleo's cash advance/'cover me'

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Why can't I borrow? πŸ˜•

You’ve paid for your subscription, but you can't get a higher Cash Advance

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How do I get my Money Back?πŸ’°

You need to cancel something, or you've been charged by Cleo and wanna know why

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What does Cleo do?

You want to know what Cleo can do and how to get the most out of her

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Cleo Plus πŸ‘‘

You've got a q about the thing you pay for

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Cleo Wallet πŸ‘›

You want to know more about this feature, like where the money goes and how long it takes to get there

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Connecting your Bank 🏦

You want to know which banks Cleo supports and how to connect them

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The Game 🎯

You have a question about Cleo's weekly game/quiz/know your money, or want to know why something went wrong

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Budget, Bills + Income βš–οΈ

Setting up a budget or want to manage your bills and income?

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Security πŸ”’

How we keep your data safe and the trusted partners who help keep your wallets safe for you.

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Categories and Transactions

Check these articles out if your balance is looking off or your transactions are in the wrong categories

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Random Acts of Relief πŸ’™

Would you like to help someone through the pandemic? Or do you need help because of Covid-19?

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Credit Builder Card: FAQs

Have a question about the card that needs to be answered?

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Direct Deposits

Questions about Direct Deposits, Thread Bank and how to get approved

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Cleo Grow 🌱

Habits and savings features

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