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Building your emergency fund has never been easier. With Autosave, Cleo can automatically stash small amounts each week. Your savings… but on autopilot.

Set savings goals

Saving for your dream vacation? Create your custom savings goal, enter the amount you’d like to save and set your target date.

Savings tools

Choose from Set & Forget, Swear Jar, Smart Save, or Round up—where Cleo rounds up spends to the nearest dollar and puts the difference into savings.

Easy  withdrawals

Running low on cash this month? Just say “withdraw” in chat and Cleo will take you to your Wallet.

Join 5+ million users who are building a life beyond their next paycheck.
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What are our users saying?1

Awesome app ..get some much needed funds when in a pinch.”
— Sayanh N
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Google Play
I get my advance the same day I ask for it and there's literally no additional ads stalking the app. It's got my vote.”
— Amethyst
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App Store
CLEO Helped me with a cash advance when NO OTHER CASH ADVANCE APP would! Thanx!”
— L Williams
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App Store

How it works

Connect your bank
Once you’ve created an account, link your bank account with Plaid to get started.
Set up Save Hacks
Type “Save Hacks” to Cleo and follow the instructions. Once you’ve set up your Wallet, set your savings goal and Save Hacks.
Watch your savings grow
Cleo will transfer money from your linked account to your Wallet each week. All you need to do is sit back and let her do the hard work for you.


Bank-Level 256-bit Encryption
Your bank login details are never stored.

When Cleo needs to connect to your bank, we use Plaid to securely transfer your data using the latest security technology.
Data protection 
We never sell your data to third parties. Period.
Read-Only Mode
We never sell your data to third parties. Period.
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