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Automatically boost your savings with save hacks, cashback, and more. We’ve even got a swear jar for your most obnoxious spending habits. 

Adding a new savings pot.

Tell me you’re a money saving app, without telling me you’re a money saving app

Goal setting

Save hacks like round ups and swear jars

Cashback on everyday buys*

Coaching so you can save yourself

Total savings screen with this weeks saving hacks.

Baby steps

If you’re saving for a down payment (alright, legend) or you just need to build up an emergency fund, consistency is key.

Cleo’s not the annoying friend who reminds you you haven’t been to the gym in a while, but she is there to motivate you and make turning up for yourself (and your money) infinitely more bearable.

Plus, when you reach a saving goal, Cleo’s gonna celebrate you into the next world while you do your little “I get to spend money on something other than rent” dancey dance.

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