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Bringing Our Values to Life

You've heard about our values but you're not quite sure how they are demonstrated and celebrated? Look no further!

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At Cleo we have three company values that guide everything that we do:

  • Make it Happen
  • Learn at Speed
  • Bring Good Vibes

These nine words may not mean a lot in isolation, so I’ll expand on each of them with a few examples. These examples are real peer-to-peer nominations from our bi-annual awards, The Cleo’s, which you can read more about at the end of this post.

(Spoiler alert: our people are super lovely about each other, so get ready for some heartwarming content)

Make it Happen ✨

  • We take risks. They don’t always work and we’re ok with that.
  • We use our initiative to solve user problems, whether they directly involve us or not.
  • We pose solutions to problems and speak up when things aren’t working.

In practice

  • Manrika gets shit done (and does it with a smile!). She’s done an amazing job with getting on with changes, taking it all in her stride. Never flustered, Manrika finds the solutions and makes them happen.
  • Annie has often done things before you even think about them. She embodies this value every day, earning the nickname, Annie ‘bias to action’ Jackson.

Learn at Speed ✨

  • We use all means at our disposal; data, research, A/B tests, to learn quickly and take action. When we fail, we adapt and go again.
  • We derive meaning from qualitative and quantitative data to make a difference to our users’ lives.
  • New ideas can come from anyone at Cleo, and we’re empowered to test them.

In practice

  • Adam has equipped everyone with bitesize pieces of information that deepens people’s understanding.
  • Magda is a beacon of knowledge around what we’re trying to do with insights. She has a knack for it, which results in always making an informed decision with iterations going forward.
  • Rachel digests and presents data in such a wonderful way and is always learning and presenting those learnings to others in ways that propel Cleo forward.

Bring Good Vibes ✨

  • We bring our whole wonderful selves to work.
  • We inspire each other and help each other level up and do our best work.
  • Our environment is inclusive and respectful.

In practice

  • Josh is always thinking of new ways to bring energy and fun to data meetings. He introduced a new section to the data chapter meeting to share good SQL practices.
  • Since his first day, Sachin has really brought his whole, wonderful self to every stand up and meeting. He’s so humble, kind and keen to learn more about the products he is working on. He always brings glowing energy to the room!
  • Jacky is an absolute super hero. No problem is too big or too small and she does everything with a smile. Legend 💙

How do we celebrate our values?

We make sure to celebrate our values at pretty much every opportunity!

We have an #appreciations slack channel where we give values-based shoutouts to colleagues. It's one of our busiest channels! We've also automated the process so that shoutouts are added to our performance management system, Lattice. Managers can see these shoutouts and consider them as part of performance reviews.

Additionally, we host The Cleo Awards bi-annually. The entire company is encouraged to nominate colleagues who embody our values. The examples above were taken from our latest Cleo Awards, where we received over 140 nominations in total! The winners of The Cleo Awards receive a bonus of £$€500 (in their local currency).

How can I demonstrate these values in an interview?

If you're interviewing with us soon, it's a good idea to reflect on how you've demonstrated our company's values in your current and previous roles. Be prepared to explain your experiences clearly, describing how you've made a difference in specific situations.

We may ask follow-up questions about these situations. This is not a bad thing; we're simply curious and want to understand more about how you handle various scenarios.

If you resonate with our values, take a look at our open roles.
Still have questions? Find answers below.
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