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Payday Loans

There's a lot of shady payday advance apps out there.

Get up to a $100 spot from Cleo with no credit checks or interest instead.

(Eligibility requirements apply)
Spending and paycheck breakdown.

You can do better than an Online Payday Loan

That includes the 600% interest some charge. So you need to be careful with who you borrow money from.

We made Cleo to help you escape payday lenders and the online payday loan debt cycle with a simple, no interest, cash advance.

And loads of features to help you save up and improve your financial health.

Here's Why Cleo's A Great Alternative to Payday Loans Online

No credit checks or interest

Get help creating and sticking to a budget

Personalized tips on how you can save more

Get roasted for wasting money

So I can Just Get $100 Instantly?




Can I get a cash advance as a gig worker?

You can still qualify! We don't currently check W2s or require proof of employment, which makes Cleo more inclusive than other cash advance apps. You can read more about it here.

What's the difference between a cash advance app and a payday loan?

Great question. We've written all about it on our blog

What should I do if I'm not eligible?

Your eligibiliy is determined by a lot of different factors that change often, so the best thing you can do is wait a few days and try again. We can say most people are successful applying for an advance just after they've had some money enter their account.

How about fees?

Cash advance is available to Cleo Plus and Cleo Builder users which comes with a monthly subscription. (But you get other perks, like credit building and cashback)

There’s an additional fee ($4) for express transfers, but our ACH option is free.

Can you do small amounts, like a $20 spot?

Yep. The lowest amount Cleo will currently spot anyone is $20 though.

Does overdrafting really matter?

Statistically speaking, if you overdraft once, it'll happen two more times that month. At most banks, that's usually more than $100 in avoidable fees.

signing up takes
2 minutes

Talking to Cleo and seeing a breakdown of your money.