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Need a

With Cleo, the amount of money you get advanced is the only amount of money you will ever be required to pay back. There are no secret charges, no additional fees, no interest rates.

Getting a salary advance.

We’re more than a money loan app, tho k?

We’re not fans of payday lenders because...well… they’re assholes. Nothing would make us happier than if you never needed another cash advance again.

That’s why you can also get help:

Tracking your spending and upcoming bills

Setting up a budget (it won’t hurt, promise)

Getting guidance from Cleo to keep you on the rails

If it comes down to it… roast mode 🔥

How much can I get?




Are there any credit checks?


Is there any interest?


How about fees?

Cash advance is available to Cleo Plus and Cleo Builder users which comes with a monthly subscription. (But you get other perks, like credit building and cashback)

There’s an additional fee ($4) for express transfers, but our ACH option is free.

Seen enough?
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Talking to Cleo and seeing a breakdown of your money.