Life at Cleo

Our mission

To fight for the world’s financial health

Why? Because we believe everyone should have the knowledge and the means to make better financial decisions.

How we stay in check: values

Make a Difference

We’re a team of passionate ‘doers’, we take the initiative to drive Cleo forward and see every project through to completion.

We own our challenges and our successes, and nothing’s ever somebody else's problem.

Iterate with Data

We test, iterate and learn. We propose hypotheses that will move Cleo forward and test them quickly.

Great ideas can come from anyone at Cleo, we’ll always support them.

Bring Good Vibes

We purposefully give energy to those around us and inspire confidence in them.

We’re creating an inclusive environment that empowers everyone to do their best work.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We’re trying to solve problems for a billion different people. We’re probably going to need more than one perspective.

So we’re intentional about building diverse teams.

But we recognise recruiting isn’t the answer. Inclusivity is a process. Safe spaces need to be protected. They all need to be grown.

Cleo team meeting in the office

Here's what we ask of our people:

  • Get to know each other. Understand how your colleagues see the world and how they’d like to be treated.

  • Be nice. When you challenge each other, keep things transparent and psychologically safe.

  • Be generous. Everyone says the wrong thing sometimes. We don’t blame each other when that happens.

    Share your ideas and experiences in the safe spaces we create. If you want. No pressure.

    Get involved with opportunities supporting underserved communities. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you find them.)

Easier said than done. But anybody at Cleo needs to feel safe enough to grab the mic. And that’s on all of us.

Don’t take our word for it.
Meet the team.

PJ Johnstone
 Software Engineer

“Working at Cleo has been an amazing experience. Not only do I spend my day working on a product that makes a material positive impact on people’s lives, but I get to do it alongside a bunch of phenomenally warm, kind-hearted human beings, who are always there to support you, help you, celebrate with you, and uplift you.”

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Jonathan White
Senior User Researcher

“It's really refreshing for a FinTech that's moving so fast and striving for big things to be so open to flexible working. Any parent will understand that nothing is simple when it comes to having a four year old, and the trust and care of Cleo makes a huge difference to my day.”

Dani Forest
Customer Champion

“Helping users figure out how to use the product helps them get on track with their financial health. It's great to know that we can have a lasting effect; not just with their app experience but with their money habits. It's always great to walk away after a day at work and know you've directly impacted an element of their lives.”

Grace Hughes
People Partner

“The feeling of togetherness and happiness that our people bring to Cleo is magical. We’re a kind, humble and driven bunch, navigating the challenges that being a rapidly scaling company brings, together, and in our unique Cleo spirit.”

Ladi Oladitan
Product Manager

“I think our super power lies in our determination to embrace different perspectives.  In my two-year journey at Cleo, from Customer Champion to Product Manager, I’ve always had the agency to test and learn from my own hypotheses and amplify the voice of our users internally.”

Ria Jesrani
User Research Lead

“Never having to justify why it’s important to listen to our users was one of the main reasons I was excited to join Cleo, and it's why I've stayed! We’re different from our users in many ways, which presents such an interesting challenge that we're really mindful of in every product decision we make.”

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Lucas Tang
Tech Recruiter

“I settled into Cleo more naturally than I have with any other job, which is kind of amazing considering I’ve never set foot in the office. Maybe it’s because my happiness outside of my job always seems to be a top consideration, meaning I can bring my full self to work.”

Josh Cooper
Data Scientist

“Cleo goes further than any other company I know when it comes to building and breaking things, it’s how we learn things that we wouldn’t if we stayed in our lane. The blameless culture also means that when we break things (and we do break things), we tell as many people as possible so we can learn and improve. We all trust each other in our pursuit to make Cleo the very best, and that’s freeing.”

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Janina Enrile
UX Writer

“This is the first place I've worked where it feels like everyone truly cares about who we're actually trying to help. The problem we're working to solve is not an easy one, but that doesn't stop us. I love that we're doing it with the things that keep Cleo, Cleo: honesty, empathy, and humour.”