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Cleo Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report 2022

Here’s the latest on diversity, equity and inclusion at Cleo. Our progress, learnings and focus areas for this year and beyond. 

'Diversity, equity, and inclusion report 2022'

Our goal is to solve money problems for a billion different people. To do that, we’re going to need more than one perspective.

Here’s the latest on diversity, equity and inclusion at Cleo. Our progress, learnings and focus areas for this year and beyond. 


Transparent salary bands and career levels

We made our career progression and salary banding frameworks public, and hope it’ll encourage more transparency and equity in our industry. We’ll review these on an ongoing basis. 

Women in Tech

We’ve increased the number of women in technical roles from 14% to 24%👊 We did this by changing our hiring process pretty radically – both in assessment methods (scoring and calibration) and interviewer representation. We will continue to evolve this going forward. Another win we’re proud of, we came second in Girl Code’s Diversity and Inclusion 2022 Power List

Community outreach

  • Women in tech: Our improved gender balance is also because we’ve been putting ourselves out there, and in the right spaces. We’ve supported some top notch organisations like Triangirls, Coding Black Females, Code First Girls and Women in Product. 
  • Universities: We’ve supported University students by setting group projects and running hackathons.
  • Mentoring: We’ve partnered with The Girls’ Network, a charity that inspires and empowers girls from some of the least advantaged communities across the UK.


We’ve gotten way better at collecting and understanding our diversity data. Employees can update it at any time which means more informed hiring and people decisions and even better: no more surveys.

We’ve also added an important and sometimes overlooked characteristic: Neurodiversity 🧠


We’ve improved how we measure eNPS, with weekly and quarterly surveys to gather extensive feedback about how well we’re supporting our people. 


Our Engineering team has gone the extra mile in promoting DE&I behaviours by introducing more inclusive hiring practices, mentoring, coaching and thinking about how we can attract more diverse talent. 

Focus areas for 2022

Socioeconomic diversity

34% of our employees attended fee paying schools, that’s up from 21.8% in 2020. We definitely need to crack how we attract more talent from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and how we can keep those members of Cleo happy in the business.

Women in leadership

We’re loving our representation of senior women at Cleo (44%), but we need more. We’re also lacking long-tenured women and non-binary folk in senior roles. We need to help our non-male employees progress from middle to senior levels, and fast. We’ll do this through training, coaching and mentoring. 

Interviewer training 

We’re rolling out interviewer training to help address any bias in our process. This quarter for every employee. 

More community outreach

We’ll look for more opportunities to support underserved communities, especially those that are underrepresented at Cleo. 

A huge shout out to every single person at Cleo that is contributing to our diversity, equity and inclusion journey. Whether you’re helping out with initiatives, showing up for your colleagues or just bringing your whole self to work. We’ll keep striving to be the safe space you deserve 💙

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