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Career progression and salary bands

Loads of companies talk about transparency, but we’re taking it up a notch. We’ve open-sourced Cleo’s career progression and salary banding frameworks, and hope it’ll encourage more transparency and equity in our industry.

Career progression framework

Cleo has a culture of stepping up. We want, and expect our people to grow and develop. We’re scaling rapidly, and we know it’s important as we do that our people have clarity on their current role expectations and potential path at Cleo. That’s why we use a career profession framework where we (and you) can see instantly which skills are required for each role at each level.

Not only can you see where you sit in the framework right now, you can also see which skills you should work on to reach the next step, and track your progress along the way.

Did we mention it’s open source? Check it out.

The story doesn’t finish there. Heck no. We’re now building on this solid foundation with mentoring and learning and development plans. We’ll obviously also iterate as we grow.

Salary bands and benchmarking

Offering a low salary to someone based on their current salary or expectations is pretty shady, we think. Salary bands make sure candidates have an idea of what they should be

We aim to be competitive, fair, consistent, and transparent.

Read more about our approach to salary benchmarking.