DECEMBER 12, 2022
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Unveiling Cleo's First ever money trend report

An analysis on how people are spending, saving, and thinking about money going into 2023, based on Cleo user data from January 1st 2022 until now. ‍

Illustration with the text "The very first Cleo money trend report"

An analysis on how people are spending, saving, and thinking about money going into 2023, based on Cleo user data from January 1st until now.

2022 is almost over (thank god), which means it's prime time for a little reflection

This year, Adidas Sambas swept the nation thanks to Bella Hadid’s army of TikTok girlies, Beyonce stopped the world again with Renaissance, and we all blushed while ordering a “Negroni Sbagliato” at the bar.

Throughout all of the iconic eras of 2022, the team here at Cleo noticed some trends that we think deserve their own moment in the spotlight.

Hey, Big Spender
Map with New York City, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Denver, CO highlighted
  • People in New York City, Denver, and Pittsburgh spend the most on recreation

  • 20% of the money they spend monthly goes towards eating out, entertainment, and shopping

“Let’s stay in tonight...”
  • People in Oklahoma City, Fort Myers (FL), and Lexington (KY) spend the least on recreation.

  • 10% of the money they spend monthly goes towards eating out, entertainment, and shopping.

As inflation rose, secondhand stores thrived
Graphic with the text "$163 Average spend per individual transaction on secondhand items"

Cleo users spent over $36M at secondhand merchants this year. The average spend per individual transaction at secondhand merchants was $163.

Graphic with an eBay, Goodwill and Poshmark logo, and text which reads "The most popular secondhand retailers for Cleo users in 2022"

The top three most popular secondhand retailers are eBay, Goodwill and Poshmark.

Graphic with the text "26% of Cleo user's BNPL purchases went towards fashion and beauty"

26% of shoppers using Buy Now, Pay Later services use the installment loans to buy fashion and beauty products.

The best place to thrift shop

Cleo users shared these top tips for finding great deals while thrift shopping:

Graphic with the text "64% shop goodwill"Graphic with the text "58% shop local"

Savvy thrift shoppers are turning to larger chains like Goodwill (64%) and smaller local vintage shops (58%) to get their secondhand fix.

  • Go early in the morning when the newer donated items are put out.

  • Go through the boxes at stores because you never know when you’ll find a gem at the bottom of the box.

  • Check out the deal of the day at your local thrift shop, which often happens a couple times a month (they might even have a half off sale!).

  • Don’t be afraid of “old” vintage pieces; they are actually better quality than fast fashion items. And don’t forget that there are really great secondhand furniture pieces too.

  • Shop based on the tag color of the day, where there is an added discount on already low prices.

Graphic with the text "Cleo, how much did I save this month? $750. Average amount of money that Gen Z 
are actively saving per month"
Gen Z’s money saving methods may surprise you...
  • Gen Z who are actively saving money put away an average of $750 a month into their savings and investments accounts.

  • Gen Z are more likely to invest in crypto and stocks than other generations with 22% of Gen Z investing each month vs 19% of millennials. With more time to ride out market volatility, it’s no wonder that younger generations are more likely to choose risky investments like stocks and crypto.

Student loans are defying gravity
Map with New York City, NY, Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL highlighted
  • Despite federal student loan repayments being paused until June 2023, people are still paying off other types of student loans. Among those currently repaying student debt, the average monthly repayment is $200 per person.

  • The student loan borrower typically lives in a big city. New York City, Chicago and Atlanta are the three cities with the most student loan borrowers per capita.

Despite the economic downturn in 2022, money goals aren’t shifting for 2023
Pie chart from 2022 with the following breakdown: 19% saving for the future, 42% paying off debt, 23% other, 16% making a large purchasePie chart from 2023 with the following breakdown: 12% saving for the future, 36% paying off debt, 26% other, 26% making a large purchase
Paying off debt iconMaking a large purchase iconSaving for the future iconOther icon
  • For 2022, 42% of people said that paying off debt was their top priority. Saving for the future came in at 23% and making a large purchase like a home or car at 16%.

  • For 2023, 36% of people said that paying off debt will be their top focus, with saving for the future at 26% and making a large purchase like a home or car increasing from the previous year to 26%.

People are taking money matters into their own hands
Graphic of a mobile phone showing January's breakdown - income ($1,200), spent and savings ($600)Graphic of a mobile phone with the text "You're ready to start saving"
  • The number one action that people said they will take to hit their money goals in 2023 is to use a budgeting and savings app (35%).

  • Paying off debt and changing their money mindset tied for second place at 27%.

Money and mental health
Graphic of a cloudGraphic with the text "74% of users said their 2023 spendings will be affected by increased cost of living"
  • A whopping 74% of people said that cost of living increases are impacting their spending decisions for 2023.

  • 73% of people said that money has negatively impacted their lives this year.

  • 46% of people said the best word to describe the role of money in their life right now is “Anxious”, followed by “Sad” at 22% and “Excited” at 13%.

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