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Cleo uses your goals, income, bills, and spending habits to understand your unique financial situation to create a personalized money management plan. 

Personal insights

Cleo won’t just tell you you need to cut back on eating out. She gets specific. With personal and actionable insights, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions with your hard-earned cash—like not spending your rent on Chick-fil-A. 

Challenge yourself

Spend more on what you love and less on what you regret with a custom spending challenge. This might finally be what gets you on financial track. 

Track  your savings

We know what motivates you to stay on track. So we make it really easy for you to track challenge progress in real time with real dollars.  

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What are our users saying?1

I just started using Cleo and it’s helped me balance my bills along with keeping my spending habits in check!”
— JusNichole
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I can honestly say cleo makes me rethink my decisions when it comes to spending my money.”
— Sting F
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App Store
I have become more conscious of my spending since having Cleo. I spend more money on what I need and less on random things."
— L Williams
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Alyssa G

How it works

Connect your bank account 
(That’s so there's no manual B.S other apps make you do)
Get your spend summary
Learn about your unique spending habits and how to fix them.
Choose your custom spending challenge
Either make your own based on your summary or let Cleo AI recommend you one.
Turn on challenge notification 
We won’t piss you off… but we will keep you on track by dangling your potential savings on your screen.


Bank-Level 256-bit Encryption
We use Plaid to connect your bank account and we never store your details. 
Data Protection
We never sell your data to third parties. Period.
Read-Only Mode
Cleo can only view your transaction data in read-only mode. At no time can Cleo access your accounts.
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