How to stick to a budget: 6 tips you need

You can only have so many side hustles. And while Target lives in your head rent-free, we know you’re probably not rent-free. So it’s time to control your finances with a budget

Where's your money teleporting to?

Going through your expenses can be revealing. Turns out you’ve spent too much on Taco Bell this month. We don’t blame you. But you need to discover what’s eating your cash (it’s you). This can help you work out how to limit spending and create a plan to cut back.

Use Cleo’s spending tracker to analyze your income and expenses by categorizing them to understand where your money is actually going.

Eat in

Who can resist Uber Eats after a long shift at your soul-sucking job? 🙃 But save these for special meltdown occasions. 

Meal planning and batch cooking can be fun, we promise. Reddit can get you started with r/mealprepsunday and r/eatcheapandhealthy. And if you don’t want to read, check out #dinnerideas and #cheapmeals on TikTok.

Let AI do it
for you

Did you ever think you could afford a personalized financial assistant? They used to only be for the rich, which doesn't make sense. Aren't they already good with their money?

Cleo’s AI allows everyone to access personalized financial insights for free. All you have to do is connect your bank account in a read-only mode and let Cleo do the rest.

Get an accountability

Sharing your financial struggles with friends can really help you feel less alone. Everyone is struggling in this climate. Well, apart from the 1% 🙃

An accountability partner means you can share tips and stay on track with your budget goals. Just make sure they’re something you can actually do, like saving $50 by the end of the month.

Get roasted for wasting money

Accountability buddies are great. But if you’re too shy to share with friends, Cleo’s got your back…but she won’t hold back.

Type “roast me” into chat. Cleo will make you stare at all the money you spent on Starbucks instead of saving. And if tough love isn’t for you, type “hype me” for some financial affirmations.

Use incentives

Don’t tell your landlord you can’t afford rent this month. Instead, wait a little longer to upgrade your phone.

Reaching your budget goals deserves recognition. Give yourself a lil budget challenge and fuel your motivation with a treat. You’ve got this 🔥

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1 The Cleo Plus subscription offers saving goals, hacks, challenges, APY on savings, credit score insights, and access to cash advances if eligible.