How to budget: budgeting made easy with Cleo

So you love spending money, but your wallet doesn’t. Looks like you could use a ✨budget✨ It doesn’t stop you enjoying life. In fact, it can help you enjoy it even more. 

Figure out your after-tax income

Whether your pay is ad-hoc, weekly, or monthly, start by working out how much you’re bringing in. Traditionally, you can budget by paycheck or monthly. 

Cleo can easily adapt to your changing needs. Gig work budgets need flexibility. She’ll take your income (however often you get it) and adjust your budget accordingly 🎉

Work out
your spends

Going through your expenses is an eye-opener, and we fully expect you to be like 👁👄👁

You can do it manually and lose the will to live. Or you can say hi to Cleo, and she’ll sort it all for you in a few taps. And if you’re ready to find out your biggest unnecessary spends, type “roast me” in chat 😈

Pick a budget  plan

Standard budget plans include 50/30/20—50% expenses, 30% fun, and 20% savings. Yep, boomer budget principles allow fun. Ignore everything they’ve told you about Starbucks 🤡

An even better option than 50/30/20? Cleo’s personalized AI budget that truly fits your needs. She offers flexibility, which many traditional budgets don’t. When your ever-changing shifts bring in more or less money, she’ll adjust your budget.

Make saving easier
with autosave

Sharing your financial struggles with friends can really help you feel less alone. Everyone is struggling in this climate. Well, apart from the 1% 🙃

An accountability partner means you can share tips and stay on track with your budget goals. Just make sure they’re something you can actually do, like saving $50 by the end of the month.

Actually stick to it

Now you’ve got a swanky new budget, stick to it. It’s even better if you can find ways to cut down your spends and free up cash. That way, you can build an emergency fund faster and pay off any debts. And let’s not forget that fun part—saving for the things you really want 💙

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So you love spending money, but your wallet doesn’t. Looks like you could use a ✨budget✨ It doesn’t stop you enjoying life.

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1 The Cleo Plus subscription offers saving goals, hacks, challenges, APY on savings, credit score insights, and access to cash advances if eligible.