Low income budget tips:
6 of our best

We know living on a low income is stressful, especially when you’re chasing financial independence. Wondering how you’re gonna pay your next bill? You’re not alone.

Get the right budget

Yeah, you’ve probably heard the classic “Just cancel Netflix, don’t drink Starbucks, and stop trying to enjoy being alive.” It goes ~a little deeper~ than that 👁👄👁

When you’re on a limited income, the little things mean a lot. And budgeting means you might be able to squeeze in that Netflix subscription and even some fun. Cleo can generate a personalized budget that works for you and your needs. None of that one-size-fits-all BS. 

Meal plan  and
bulk buy

Sorry gang, takeout’s off the menu. Yes, it’s a tasty, easy option for many. But when you’re trying to work out wtf has happened to your finances, that burger you’re craving can wait. 

You can get apps that make meal planning super easy, like Mealime. EmptyMyFridge lives up to its name, so you can finally finish that jar of beets. Even ChatGPT can generate some meal plans and recipes if you trust a robot’s taste buds.

And in those “k I actually need takeout” moments check out Too Good To Go to rescue takeout food that will go to waste.

Only take on
necessary debt

Sometimes you need to take on debt, like if your car’s broken down. You may feel like personal loans or credit cards are your only options. They’re basically like sharks circling you, throwing money at you somehow. With fees. And interest 🦈

But alternatives like Cleo’s cash advance can spot you up to $2501 in those emergency money moments.

Spring clean

Have you got clothing you never wear (what’s that, tags still attached? 👀) and video games you never play? Put them on a selling app like Depop, Vinted, or eBay.

Now your place is tidier, and you have cash that could form a small emergency fund 💅 It’s not gonna solve your low-income issue, but it’s a lil base for moving toward financial freedom.

Lower your
service spends

Wanna know how to save money fast on a low income? Look at the services you’re paying for and reduce them where you can. That might mean canceling or haggling. 

After introductory offers, subscriptions and contracts can get pretty pricey. WhistleOut recently discovered that Americans are seriously overspending on their phone bills. Gen Z is footing the biggest bill at $160 a month 😲

Can you get

Students often get cheaper rates in many places, so make the most of that while you’re studying. We see you working toward a better future. 

Many companies offer reduced rates if you’re on government assistance, like SNAP/EBT. If you’re struggling, you could be eligible for government help. Don’t let pride get in the way of a good meal 💙

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