Over the last 18 months, we’ve been proud to hit our company objectives and key results (OKRs), grow our team, and have not had to think about redundancies—plus we’re still hiring.

One of the main reasons for this success is our performance culture. We believe it’s important for people to be comfortable and familiar with our philosophy before joining, as we push our immensely talented team to be the best version of themselves.

Our manifesto

Our mission at Cleo is to empower people to build a life beyond their next paycheck. This isn't easy. It requires all our team to continuously push themselves to have the highest possible impact.

In practice it means we disproportionately recognize team members who demonstrate high performance and high growth. If that's you, we'll reward you generously and do everything we can to keep you motivated during your time at Cleo.

If you're not exhibiting enough performance and growth yet, that’s something we are committed to helping you with. We’ll work with you, your manager, and your squad to get you to be the best version of yourself. We’ll evaluate performance transparently, and we'll build you a development plan to fit your ambitions and personal circumstances.


  • Reward high performers
  • Have clearly defined, relevant and focused SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)
  • Have continuous conversations about feedback, performance and growth

How it works in practice

You’ll know exactly where you stand–at all times
We discuss performance, growth, and progress on SMART goals each month. Goals are agreed on between you and your manager and they align with squad and company OKRs, as well as your professional interests, growth areas, and career aspirations.

We’ll evaluate (and reward) you often

Review cycles happen every eight months, with opportunity for pay reviews and promotions at each cycle. Review outcomes are calibrated across all team members in the same department to ensure fairness.

We have transparent (and competitive) pay rises for high performers
Everyone has access to a compensation calculator which allows you to see what your pay rise or bonus would be at your next review. And when we say competitive, we mean it. If your salary is £80,000, you could get a pay rise of ~11% every eight months.

We’ll help you get to where you want to be

Those who are not high performers in any given review cycle, won’t be eligible for a pay increase. But we will work with you to come up with a plan and SMART goals to drive higher impact and growth over the next eight months.

Behaviours we reward

Think of performance and growth from two angles: the "what" and the "how." The "how" is about living our values during your journey with us. Our values are crucial, and we want everyone to contribute while upholding them, all while making a meaningful impact. The “what’ looks a little different for performance and growth. 
The "what" is all about your impact, whether you reached your squad OKR, interviewed a new candidate, or even fixed a bug. Impact will look different for everyone, but it’s the driving force that helps us build a better Cleo..
We don’t just want to impact the business. The “what’ here is all about impacting your professional development too. So at Cleo developing skills and competencies in your role is a part of the job. 

We use our career frameworks and SMART growth goals to track your progress. We’ll offer you support and direction, but want to see you own your development. 
Our values underpin everything we do at Cleo. They’re how we work with each other on a daily basis, how we learn from our mistakes and how we use initiative to drive things forward at pace.

Make it Happen
We take risks and use our initiative to solve problems, whether they directly involve us or not.

Learn at Speed
We use all means at our disposal; data, research, A/B tests, to learn quickly and take action. New ideas can come from anyone at Cleo, and we're empowered to test them.

Bring Good Vibes
We bring our whole, wonderful selves to work. We inspire each other and help each other do our best work. Our environment is inclusive and respectful.