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Josh Fleck

Josh Fleck

Site Reliability Engineer

Building Cleo

The things I most often call out when reviewing pull requests

Josh, Tech Lead, dives into what he looks for when reviewing pull requests at Cleo. If you're looking to write code that scales better, this is a must read.

Building Cleo

Postgres primary key int to bigint migrations

Josh, Tech Lead at Cleo, outlines our approach to migrating our primary key columns from integer to bigint.

Life at Cleo

Getting twice as much out of half as many stand-ups

At Cleo, we're very much about iterating on our agile process and finding the right approach for each team. As we entered Q3 of 2020, we significantly changed the makeup of one of our teams. The team was operating on auto-pilot since the change and was continuing to follow the agile processes that the team had been following in Q2. We noticed that the cycle times were increasing rapidly not long after, which set off some alarm bells.

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