10 Popular Free Movie And TV Trials

How to save money fast with free streaming including Shudder, SHOWTIME and Apple TV+

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It’s 2022. We’re streaming more content now than ever before. And stats show we’re spending an estimated 169.4 BILLION minutes a WEEK staring at our screens and watching our fave movies and TV shows (owwww, my eyes 🔥).

But how do you make the difficult decision of choosing which subscription to go for?

Netflix may have canceled their free trial AND increased their subscription fee (not us throwing shade 👀) but there are many other services which offer free trials that range from 7 to 30 days.

So, we’ve rounded-up a list of the most popular free movie and TV trials for new subscribers. Sit back, relax, get some popcorn and ping that spare money you would’ve spent over to your savings 💅

Remember: Make a note or set a reminder on your phone for when the free trial expires, otherwise you’ll be charged and might struggle to get the subscription fee back, even if you haven’t used it.


🍿 Free trial duration: None
💸 Monthly subscription cost: Free for basic account

What’s better than a free trial? A free subscription. While Peacock no longer offers a ‘free trial’, one of its biggest pro’s is you can stream a decent portion of its catalog for free. No, that wasn’t a typo – a basic account is FREE and includes around two-thirds of its content.

The con is that you’ll need to pay to remove the annoying ads but just have a scroll through our blog whilst you’re waiting for the show to resume 💅

A few top picks: The US Office (omg yes), Parks and Recreation (double yes), and Below Deck (HELL YEAH) 💫


🍿 Free trial duration: 7 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $4.75

If you like getting sh*t scared, this one’s for you 👻

A Shudder subscription starts from $4.75 after the free seven-day trial ends. You’ll find a ton of Hollywood faves, cult classics, original series and critically-acclaimed new films.

Check out its selection of horror, thriller and supernatural movies on Halloween (or on a random day during spring, if that’s your thing 👀).

One thing to point out is that if you’re looking for popular movies like Saw, A Quiet Place and World War Z – you won’t find them here. Shudder features some older and darker movies that you may have never heard of. This is why a free trial is great – try before you buy 🎉

A few top picks: The Seed, Creepshow, and Hellbender (probs not for the faint-hearted).

How to cancel: Sign into your account and select ‘My Account’ in the top right-hand corner, click ‘Cancel Membership’ under ‘Membership Settings.'


🍿 Free trial duration: 7 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $6.99

If you’re a fan of British TV, you’ll wanna try out BritBox. And if you’ve never seen British TV, plz watch Benidorm. I promise you, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before 🙃

A few top picks: Bleak House, Line of Duty, and Mr. Bean (just for pure bants).

How to cancel: Log into your account and click on your name in the top right corner. Select ‘Account Details’, then ‘Subscription’, and finally ‘Cancel Subscription.'


🍿 Free trial duration: 7 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $10.99 or $6.99 for students

MUBI is one for those ultimate film fanatics who are super passionate about beautiful and interesting cinema. A new movie is added every single day and after 30 days, it’s gone. So go quick 👻

There’s an exciting range of movies (old and new) which have been produced by new directors and award-winners all over the world including Australia, Japan, South Korea, Morocco… it’s a never-ending list.

A few top picks: Shiva Baby, Annette, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

How to cancel: Not a fan? Just log into your account, go to the ‘Subscription’ section under ‘Settings’ in your account.


🍿 Free trial duration: 30 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $6.99. Students can get a $1.99 subscription via UniDays

You can stream current TV shows, new and classic Movies and Hulu Originals on Hulu. The free trial lasts 30 days so it should give you enough time to get at least a couple of series nailed 🥳

Why not catch up on all those great Keeping Up with the Kardashians episodes?

Gif of Kim Kardashian after losing her diamond earring

A few top picks: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Family Guy (shut up Meg), and Parasite.

How to cancel: If you wanna cancel your subscription, log into your account, select ‘Your Subscription’ and ‘Cancel.’ You’ll have the option to pause your account (one last attempt at taking your precious hard-earned cash) but just select ‘Continue to Cancel’ if you’re not interested.


🍿 Free trial duration: 7 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $25

Philo is by far the most expensive subscription on our list – plz plz plz remember to cancel your free trial if you don’t want to be charged $25 after seven days ⚠️

The trial lets you watch TV channels and stream 1,000’s of shows and movies. Channels include Comedy Central, BBC America, Paramount, Sundance TV and MTV.

A few top picks: Sistas, The Fresh Prince of Belair (absolute classic), and American Monster.

How to cancel: Go to your account page and click ‘Cancel my account’ at the bottom of the page, then select ‘Submit cancellation’ to confirm.


🍿 Free trial duration: 30 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $14.99. Students can get a 50% discount

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming services around the world but at $14.99 a month it’s the second most expensive in our round-up (like, come on Jeff…)

Buuuut, included in the price are other benefits like same-day and one-day delivery on Amazon orders (if that’s something you’d be interested in). And if you’re a student, you’ll get even more benefits.

If you’re thinking of signing up for an Amazon subscription after your 30-day free trial, ask a family member or friend if they’d like to share an account so you can save a bit of cash 💸

A few top picks: Bridesmaids, The Handmaid’s Tale, and DodgeBall.

How to cancel: You can end your membership by clicking ‘End Membership’ on this Amazon link.


🍿 Free trial duration: 7 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $4.99. You can get 3 months free if you’ve recently bought an Apple device

Apple TV+ is one of the cheaper streaming services (yaaas!) and it may not have the huge range of choices that other subscriptions do, buuuut that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality.

The service features some great original content across all genres. It also has quite a generous family sharing plan meaning you can share with up to six family members on the same account (but only three devices can stream at the same time).

What’s even better is you can all use your own logins... which means no one has to mess with your current watch list and you don’t need to worry about sharing your (cringey) password (h0tchiCk92*) 🙃

A few top picks: Severance, The Morning Show, and Ted Lasso.

How to cancel: Log into your account and select your account icon at the top of the page. Go to ‘Settings’, scroll to ‘Subscriptions’ and choose ‘Manage’, and then select ‘Cancel Subscription.'


🍿 Free trial duration: 7 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: Plans start at $4.99. Option to pair Paramount+ with SHOWTIME for $9.99. Students get 25% discount

Paramount+ plans start from $4.99 a month and include sports channels such as NFL and SERIE A 🏈

You can watch on up to three devices and just like Apple TV+, you can create separate profiles for each member so no one can boot you out of what you were watching.

Other channels include: CBS, NFL, SERIE A, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV

A few top picks: The Equalizer, Halo, and The Twilight Zone.

How to cancel: How to cancel depends on which device or platform you used to sign up with (are they trying to make it harder for us?! 🤔). Check out the Paramount+ help page for more info.


🍿 Free trial duration: 30 days
💸 Monthly subscription cost: $10.99. Students can get a subscription for SHOWTIME, HULU and Spotify Premium for $4.99 a month

SHOWTIME includes series, movies, sports, comedy, documentaries and many more. It’s one of the most popular streaming services with its ton of good quality movies and original titles.

If you’re a fan of long-running series, documentaries and sporting events (such as MMA and boxing matches) – this one’s for you.

A few top picks: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Dexter, and Shutter Island.

How to cancel: Log into your account, go to your profile icon in the top right corner, select ‘Account Settings’ and ‘Your Account’, you’ll then see ‘Cancel Your Subscription.'

On the subject of movies and TV, check out our blog on why we love sitcoms so much.

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