July 7, 2022
Life at Cleo

$80 Mill? Raised it.

We just raised $80M in a Series C funding round led by Sofina Group, a solid bunch of people who actually want to see companies improve peoples lives through tech. Now it's go time (after our party).

How the road’s looked up until now

We started out in 2016 as a way for people to stop getting screwed by banks.

And you kinda just… went wild for it. We saw how many of you loved speaking to our digital assistant (4 million of you and counting), so we kept going. Now here we are.

What are we gonna do with the $80 mill?

It’s 2022, so we could probably get a little crazy, fire up Airbnb, and rent a pretty spacious 2 bedroom apartment by the ocean.

Or we could just buy a lot of beer then get back to work. 

There's a cost of living shitstorm happening right now. So we’re doubling down on our growth and fighting harder than we ever have before to help Gen-Z get through it.

How? By making the money thing as painless as possible.

Credit building, budgeting tools, saving tools, money hacks, salary advances, financial education, stress relief…the list goes on. And we’re doing it all while keeping you laughing. Hopefully. 

Want in?

If you’re reading this and thinking “sweet jesus, I would give my first born child to be fighting for young peoples financial health in an office with impeccable lighting and a drinks fridge'' orhaha, nice”, then have a look at our open roles. 

There’s about 140 of us now. And the $80 mill is helping to push that number to over 220. So chances are, there’s something for you here (plus a product to be proud of and people you’ll probs end up calling your best friends). 

Not to be dramatic, but this is just the beginning for us.  Stick around.  💙


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Big love. Cleo 

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