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A Gen-Z at Cleo

Let's face it, as a typical Gen-Z I'm not gonna be jumping on the property ladder anytime soon. For me, the workplace is less about becoming a baller and more about finding genuine value. Bit biased, sure, but here's why Cleo is just that.

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It was interview day. As I walked from London’s Angel Station to Cleo HQ, I remember asking myself the question: will I be lucky enough to walk this way everyday? Turns out I WAS (until, you know, COVID-19 stuff. But I'll be back).

I arrived, and as soon as I managed to nail the inevitable push/pull door situation, two members of Team Cleo came over to have a quick chat with me while I waited for my interview. I felt welcomed, warm (could've been the nerves) and almost at ease which was weird considering I hadn't even started the interview yet.

One of the first things I noticed was the celebration of individuality. Sure, the headquarters looked quirky, but it was the way people spoke to each other, moved around and were... visibly having a good time that left it's mark. Professionally and personally, I already knew that here would be great for me.

It was only my second interview ever, so I was prepared for some incredibly long pauses after questions that I couldn't have dreamt of prepping for. They did happen. But Roisin and Grace didn't make it feel awkward, they made it feel human. They encouraged me to talk through things in a way which felt more like a genuine conversation than an interview. They also offered me cake afterwards which is also something I look for in a workplace. Or any place, really.

When I got home I couldn't stop thinking about how empowering the whole experience had been. I'd already know that Cleo was out there doing good and helping people improve their money relationships, but it's not often that that level of passion runs all the way to the core. Everyone I interacted with seemed like they actually wanted to be there – which is rare in the workplace –, and Cleo's personality, the Hype and Roast mode attitude, it all seemed to be genuinely reflective of the teams playfulness.

A few days later Grace called and offered me the job. I couldn't believe I was going to work somewhere that I so passionately supported. As a Gen-Z I get the whole painful bank balance thing x100, so knowing that I was going to be helping people with that was incredible.

Every single week so far has left me feeling like I've a. grown and b. made a difference. As the youngest employee at Cleo, I am so excited to keep shaping my future surrounded by people who want to make a change.

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