Cleo On the Road: Llama Lounge in San Francisco

Cleo recently sponsored the sold-out Llama Lounge event in San Francisco. Here's what you missed

Cleo at the September 20th 2023 Llama Lounge in San Francsico, hosted by Jeremiah Owyang

Llama Lounge 2023

This year, Cleo team members have been attending events and giving talks to demonstrate how we are innovating with AI in fintech. Recently, Cleo had the privilege of sponsoring and demoing at the sold-out Llama Lounge meetup on Wednesday, September 20th in San Francisco. Organized by investor and entrepreneur Jeremiah Owyang, the AI startup event series is where professionals in AI come to network and learn about the hottest startups currently making waves in the industry. 

Jeremiah Owyang hosted the first Llama Lounge in April 2023 after attending Hugging Face’s Woodstock of AI in March. Since then, it has become a recurring event in the Southern California AI community. The September Llama Lounge had over 1,500 professionals apply to attend, while the venue had a cap of 250 people. The attendees included developers, product managers, investors, founders, and more. Needless to say, this AI series is an event that you don’t want to miss. 

The September Llama Lounge was also an official partnered event for TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, a conference that took place from Tuesday, September 19th to Thursday, September 21st. At Disrupt, people can attend panels and talks featuring prominent founders, tastemakers and investors in tech. It featured speakers from J.P. Morgan, Meta, Google Cloud, Sunshine, Tribe AI and more. 

Before the event, our Chief Credit Officer Rajat Agarwal joined Jeremiah, fellow sponsor Noodle, and the startups set to demo that evening for a private dinner. Those companies included Airkit.ai, Breadcrumbs, DevGPT, fixie, Learn XYZ, MoveBot, Second, syncly, Wanda and Zocket. These early stage companies came form various sectors, providing services such as data analysis, aggregation reporting, advertising, and writing code for product features. 

Photo: Jeremiah Owyang

Cleo’s Chief Credit Officer Rajat Agarwal and Data Scientist Yawer Ijaz represented our company at the event, showcasing the app for event attendees. The demo displayed our app’s core features- Roast Me, Budgeting, and Auto Save. Throughout the night, pizza was served by Sunset Squares. People were really excited to see Cleo and learn more about our product offerings. The room was buzzing with energy and excitement as folks mingled throughout the night. 

Moving forward, Cleo hopes to continue to give back to the AI community as new ideas flourish in this sector. Cleo would like to thank Rajat Agarwal and Yawer Ijaz for bringing good Cleo vibes to Llama Lounge, and Jeremiah Owyang for the opportunity to sponsor. The next Llama Lounge will take place at Hanahaus in Palo Alto, CA. Registration is now open for those interested in attending.

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