Cleo’s Mental Health and Money Report

Gen Z would rather talk money with an AI assistant than friends or financial advisors

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For Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re exploring the link between mental health, money and the increasing role of AI in our lives. It’s no surprise that money can have both a positive and negative affect on mental health, from spending highs to feelings of dread and anxiety. According to the American Psychological Association, 72% of Americans report stressing about money. 

Whether you feel like you're in a good place with your financial future or stressed about work, debts or saving money, AI can help play a role in helping you get organized, providing financial education and automating simple decisions to reduce stress and anxiety. 

In this report Cleo surveyed U.S. adults aged 18-43 to dive into how Gen Z and Millennials feel when it comes to talking about their money management, educating themselves on finances and the effect it can have on their mental health. 

Key findings from the report include:

  • Young people’s mental health is hit by financial management worries: Majority (64%) of Gen Z say their mental health has been affected by their financial situation and almost half of Gen Z (47%) have sought professional support for it. 
  • Gen Z still struggle to talk about money: More than two in three Gen Z’ers (72%) find it difficult to have conversations about their finances and just under half (40%) would never discuss their debts with other people.
  • Mental strain of money worries impacts daily life and routines: One in five Gen Z’ers have dodged work (18%) or school (18%) to avoid financial conversations, and more than a third have skipped a night out or social event (40%) if they thought the topic of money talk would come up.
  • Turning to AI for help: A growing number of Gen Z’ers would prefer to discuss money worries with AI assistants versus friends or financial advisors - almost one in ten (7%) feel most comfortable having a conversation with a financial assistant app. 
  • Millennials are more anxious and find it even harder to talk about money: almost half (42%) of millennials say ‘anxious’ is the word they most associate with their current state of mind around money. They also find it harder to have conversations with people about personal finances (83% versus 72% of Gen Z) and are less likely to get professional support to address this anxiety (40% versus 47% of Gen Z).
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Methodology: Our findings are from 600 Americans aged 18 to 43 surveyed in May 2024.

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