Cleo named a Forbes' Next Billion-Dollar Startup 2023

Each year, Forbes partners with an asset manager to find the 25 companies heading towards unicorn status. This year, Cleo made the list 💙

Announcement stating Cleo has been added to the Forbes Next Billion Dollar Start up

We made the Forbes Next Billion-Dollar Startup list

Wow, so many feels. We're honored. Humbled. And ridiculously proud to be included on the Forbes' Next Billion-Dollar Startup 2023 list, especially in a year that’s super competitive in the AI space.

A big thank you to the team at Forbes and a huge thank you to our users. Helping everyone live beyond their next paycheck is tough problem to solve, and your feedback and encouragement keep us going.

Now some of you might be wondering, why us? What’s so special about Cleo when everyone seems to be doing something with AI?

Well, here's our side of the story.

AI meets money

Cleo’s been in the AI game for over 6 years, building and improving the world’s first AI assistant dedicated to personal finance. But we're not just early pioneers.

We’re also building an experience that you won't find anywhere else in fintech.

Radically personal advice

Who knows your spending better than you? Actually, Cleo does. After connecting to your bank account, Cleo analyzes your income, expenses, and spending behavior to really understand your unique financial situation.

Goals and pain points included.

From there, Cleo's able to give you recommendations and insights about your life that’s tailored specifically for you. 

It goes way beyond the cookie cutter advice you might get elsewhere, like stop ordering takeout. Because actually, what if it was takeout on Thursday nights that you really overspent on?

What would you do with that information in addition to not feeling guilty? You’d still get to do the things you love while reaching your financial goals.

But deeply personal advice isn't enough to get you on the Next Billion-Dollar Startup list, so let's keep it moving.

Super agent things

Cleo’s real magic is that she can help you with literally anything, from your credit history to your cash flow. Because in addition to her AI, she’s also integrated herself with GPT and Claude to become personal finance super agent. 

When you ask Cleo a question, she recognizes your intent, grabs the relevant data points from your financial data and chats things over with the other LLMs.

The response you see isn’t just Cleo, but the best possible response from multiple AIs.

It’s pretty cool. We've even made a video about it.

Fixing problems before they happen

Cleo's always looking out for you too. She anticipates your upcoming bills and expenses (including the days you're likely to overspend) and highlights any problems before they happen. 

This predictive ability helps take the stress out of your financial life and has saved our users millions in overdraft fees.

Talk it out

We wanted Cleo to be a completely different experience. Something that felt more human and more engaging. It’s why we chose a chat interface. The complexity of your financial life is now just a simple conversation.

And what a conversation it is. A team of comedy writers and designers have worked for years to create experiences that are entertaining, but also insightful. Everybody knows Roast Mode, but every experience with Cleo helps take the stress out of money.

In fact, her NLP and sentiment analysis can detect when you’re stressed and offer the appropriate support. It's probably why 71% of users are more optimistic about their long-term financial future. 

Open about our AI

The title pretty much sums this one up. We try to be open with our users about how Cleo’s AI works and both the design and engineering decisions we make day to day. 

We also have a policy of never selling your data. Ever. Cleo’s not a snitch. 

Cleo grows with you

Ok, we’re almost done flexing our credentials for the Forbes 2023 Next Billion Dollar Startups. Last thing we want to emphasize is Cleo’s ability to grow with you over time. 

Or as we like to say, from your “first paycheck to your first mortgage.”  The advice you get from Cleo as an 18 year old will be totally different when you’re 25. 

Cleo’s AI is constantly evolving too. She learns from your interactions with her, and the millions of other interactions she has each day. And that’s on top of the many tests the team does each month, looking for new features to build or ways to improve what already exists. 

If you want to know more…

We’re regularly posting content about building Cleo on our blog, so check back each week for some new insights. 

We've also just published our Q1 + Q2 Mission Report for 2023, which details some milestones, goals, and financials.

Otherwise you’ll find us on social @meetcleo 

Big love 💙

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