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Like tinder, but for your recent transactions. The only person who gets to judge your spending is you: which is exactly what this is for. Confront it - own it.

It’s a new game on Cleo. Cleo shows you your latest spends, and you swipe to rate them as worthwhile, regrettable, or unavoidable.

Is that it?

Your health score will go up or down as you play. Spendr’s meant to be played as often as you’d like — the more you swipe, the more you get a feel for what spends are actually worth the money.

How do I get it?

Just say “rate my spends” to Cleo. Make sure your bank account is connected and the Cleo app is up to date.

Why should I care?

‘Cause it’s a super easy way to figure out how you feel about where your money goes. Looking at your spending (in a sometimes-painfully honest way) is one of the first steps to building better habits.

So can all Cleo users do this?

Yes! Just type in 'Spendr' into Cleo and face reality.

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