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How Much Money Can You Make On TikTok?

How to make money on TikTok 101

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The art of earning cash through social media is nothing new. We all lived through the Insta influencer boom of 2016 (sorry to all our readers who are under 6) (go to bed).

But there’s something special about the way you can make a side hustle out of TikTok.

With the likes of Instagram, it’s hard to build from scratch, right? If you’re starting with 0 followers and have no prior microfame, it’s gonna take time. Like most things in life, it’s easier if you have an elevated starting point.

But with TikTok, you can go from 0 to 10,000 real quick.

How to blow up on TikTok

When you post a video, the algorithm serves it to a small pool of people. If enough of them engage, it goes to a bigger pool.

This carries on until your video either stops being served, or you go viral.

And if it’s the latter, your profile can take off.

Once the followers start rolling in, you can monetize your account in a bunch of different ways.

(Still not sure how to get your TikTok popularity up? We’ve put together 10 easy steps to gain followers on TikTok right here).

But now back to the main event: how to make money. 💅

Let’s get right into your path to cash.

What’s the TikTok Creator Fund?

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about how to make money from your TikTok page.

It’s not super sexy, but qualifying for it can lead to bigger things later.

Basically, TikTok has a pool of money. They share it out between their creators. The more views a creator gets, the more money they receive from TikTok. Simple.

But it’s also bullshit (we’ll get to that part in a sec).

There’s some criteria you’re gonna need to fill if you want in on the Creator Fund. You have to:

  • be 18+
  • have 10,000 real followers
  • have received 100,000 authentic views in the last 30 days.
  • keep in line with TikTok community guidelines

Sweet. Right?

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Yeah, TikTok does pay you for videos. But the rate’s between 2 and 4 cents for every 1,000 organic views.

This means hitting that 1 million view mark is gonna earn you 20-40 bucks. Probs not the fame and fortune you were hoping for. But it’s something. And you don’t just have to rely on TikTok as a corp.

The Creator Fund is part of a wider program TikTok runs caaaalled:


What is Creator Next onTikTok?

Creator Next is 🕺  all 🕺 about 🕺  money 🕺 .

It has pretty much the same requirements as the Creator Fund, so if you fit the bill for that, you should definitely consider applying for this.

Creator Next includes:

🏊‍♂️ Creator Fund - you know how we feel about that.

🛒 Creator Marketplace - this one’s gonna help connect you with brands and agencies.

🎁 Video & LIVE gifts - when you post a video or go live, people can send you virtual gifts. You can exchange them for money. Ta da.

👛 Tips - if people like your content, they can tip you some cash. Hallelujah.

Remember, if you haven't got the requirements for that list but you'd still like a slice of the pie: this blog on growing followers is for you.

Is Affiliate Marketing legit?

Amazon’s a monster. But times are tough, and our priority is you getting out your overdraft, paying off your student debt, managing your rent, etc. And Amazon affiliate marketing might get you some extra cash fast.

Here’s how the Amazon affiliate program works:

1️⃣  You create an account

2️⃣  They give you a personalized link for a product

3️⃣  If people buy that product through your link, you get a cut

Now, that cut will only be a few percent of the price. But boy oh boy can it add up. If you don’t know the success story of Teresa Caruso, check it out here.

TLDR: in one year, she gained over 2 million followers and 87 million likes on TikTok by sharing her favorite Amazon products. A huge amount of people bought products from her links. She made buckets of cash. And still does.

Kudos to you, Teresa. Buy us all a drink?

Brand partnerships (and how to get them)

Ladies, gents, and non-binary folks: this is the main event.

Brand partnerships are the key to getting rich on TikTok. For one influencer video, you’re looking at anywhere between $250 and $5000k.

Wild, right?

The way it works is simple.

A brand will brief you on the kind of thing they want, and give you a link to put in your bio. You post something that fits their brief, along with the link.

That’s it.

It’s worth putting your whole heart into your video. The more people who click through to your link, the higher the chances the brand will want to work with you again.

How many followers do you need on TikTok to make money?

That’s garbage.

In fact, micro influencers (people with 3k-10k followers) are super important in the influencer marketing world.

Think of it like this:

👋 On one hand, we have Charli D’Amelio with 140 million followers. But there’s no tight thread that ties those followers together. She doesn’t have a niche. Some might follow her for her day-in-the-lifes, others for her dances, and others just because, well…she’s famous.

💅 But then on the sweet other hand: let’s take someone with like 7k followers. Say their content is all about, idk, cooking. That’s their niche. People have followed to see that specific content. So a higher percentage of those followers will be tuned in and buy the products they recommend.

“I’ve got the followers. How do I know which brands to work with?”

#1 Only choose brands and products you would actually use

If a product fits into your life, it’s gonna be a more natural sell. And the brand will totally recognize that.

#2 Pick brands who fit into your niche

Remember our cooking example? Course you do. It was like 10 lines ago. That person would be best reaching out to food brands, kitchenware shops, that sort of thing.

There’s a really simple way of finding brands to work with if you have a niche, too. Take a look through the TikTok pages of other influencers in your niche that have almost the same number of followers as you do. Reach out to the brands they’re doing videos for, and ones like them.

#3 Consider brands who follow you

Dig into your followers list. If a brand is there, they like what you’re doing.

Plus, your dm is gonna be at the top of their inbox. Did somebody say winning? Yes. Me. I did.

And I’ll say it again. Winning.

#4 Search #ad and #sponsored on TikTok

This will show you who’s got the budget for influencer marketing rn.

Just gonna put it out there, we’re on TikTok and are always looking for influencers and content creators who are ready to fuck money taboos, embrace transparency, and just be real. Our dms are open.

#5 Repeat steps #2 and #3 on Instagram

Multi platform Queen.

OK I’ve found my dream brands. How do I get a partnership?

Reach out! You socially anxious silly billy.

Seriously, shoot them a dm. If you don’t hear back, go retro and email someone on their marketing team.

Here’s how you do this:

🖥  Go to the brand’s Linkedin page

👀  Find out who their influencer person is (you wanna be looking for Influencer Lead, Social Media Manager, Brand Manager, Head of Marketing, that sort of thing).

👋  Use websites like Hunter or EmailFinder to find their email address and send over some examples of your work that way.

“Is being a content creator…fun?”

If you haven’t clocked this already, getting big on TikTok requires you being in the app a lot. Not to mention all the time you’re filming stuff in your day to day life.

So if your heart’s not in it, or if social media bums you out, that’s ok. In fact, that’s normal. But maybe stick to just posting for fun every now and then. Dw, we have other ways you can make some money fast right here.

The TikTok algorithm, like all social media platforms, is weird. And it’s not designed with your feelings at heart. So if things aren’t smooth sailing, try not to beat yourself up about it.

If it makes you happy, get yourself on TikTok and get growing (start by following us thanx bye)

If it makes you unhappy, stop.

Delete the app.

Move to a coastal town in a quaint European city.

Ly. Goodbye.

Enjoy this post? Give it a share or send it along to a friend. You never know, it could make a big difference. And of course, if you want to try the best money app in the world for free, just hit this link right here.

Big love. Cleo 💙

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