Introducing ‘Haggle It’: Cleo’s AI Negotiation Tool

 Cleo’s new Haggle It tool uses AI to get you better deals on rent, credit card fees, and car payments

Text that says 'Introducing ‘Haggle It’: Cleo’s AI Negotiation Tool'

Ever have that fantasy where you kick in the door at your landlord’s and say “This is BS. I’m not paying.” Well… we’re kind of making this possible, minus the whole breaking and entering thing.

As of today, Cleo’s got a new feature powered by ChatGPT that can help you negotiate your rent, credit card fees and car payments for free.

Everybody, say hello to Haggle It.

How do I use Haggle It?

It’s really simple. Head on over to the Haggle It page, choose what you want to negotiate, then answer a few questions. (Including how spicy you want the tone to be.)

Then just wait for a minute or two and you’ll get a totally legal and kick ass negotiation letter you can email to whom it may concern.

1 in 3 survey respondents said they were successfully able to negotiate their rent so, while we can’t promise results, we know it’s worth a try.

Why are we doing this?

Well, we did a survey recently of 1,000 Millennial & Gen Z Americans and found that:

  • Negotiating can have a positive impact on one's finances: 1 out of 3 respondents reported having their rent and car insurance lowered as a result of negotiation.
  • Household income determines willingness to find a deal: 60% of those who negotiated their rent at least once have a household income of less than $100k.
  • Most people leave money on the table: 55% of people have never negotiated their credit card interest rates or fees before. Of those who have negotiated their credit card interest rates or fees at least once, 1 in 5 said that rates/fees were lowered as a result of negotiation

After we saw these results, we thought something like Haggle It could be helpful.

Ready to haggle?

Hit up this link.

Follow the prompts.

And let us know @meetcleo on Instagram or Twitter how it goes.

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