Level up your 2022 money goals

It's about to be your best year yet 🙌

Text that says 'New year new money mindset'

Let’s be real

If you said fuck it to money goals in 2021, you’re not alone. 

Life these days can be a ✨ mystery ✨ So it’s ok to take it day by day, one DoorDash at a time.

We’re over making any big plans or promises. But we are taking back some control this year. 

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Microdose your money goals

In bite-sized, monthly doses. Actually, we tapped back into our inner control freaks real quick, so we went ahead and did this for you.

Here’s your plan to spend less and boost credit in 2022. Month by month. 

🤌 Spend less with a monthly budget

First step. Open Cleo. Check your budget. 

See what’s coming in. Think, how much can I afford to spend this month? Set this number as your spending goal. Let Cleo keep you on track with reminders and friendly shouting. Watch your savings add up.

🤌 Build credit with the leftover cash

You have your monthly spending goal. You could take the funds you save and add them to a security deposit for 🚨 plug incoming 🚨the Cleo Credit Builder Card*. 

Here’s how it works: You add the money you want to spend to your security deposit. That money then becomes your credit limit on the card. So you can stay on budget and build credit at the same time. Synergy ✨

🤌 Spend as normal

Now you just live your life. Add funds to your security deposit at the beginning of the month. Spend as normal using your Credit Builder Card. Let auto-repayment take care of things at the end. 

The yuck months (Jan, Feb, March) will pass by. Normal credit card worries like debt or blowing up your credit start to feel lighter.

We report good things to the credit people as long as you make your payments on-time. Summer is in sight. Your future goals are slowly coming into focus again. 

🤌 Live your best credit life

Sit tight. These small changes — and a good credit score — could get you back on track to the bigger life stuff.

Like finally putting holes in the walls of your own home. Getting that car. And saving thousands on payments when you do. 

Apply for the card 💳

*The Cleo Credit Builder Card is issued by WebBank, Member FDIC

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