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What I Spend In A Week: The 23 Year Old On $97,000

Plus tips and tricks that could help you, too

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Who’s ready to find out what people spend in a week?

Hopefully you. Hopefully that’s why you’re here. Hopefully you didn’t just click a hyperlink on accident. Even if you did, stick around. We give out money tips at the end.

This week the spotlight’s on Mo. He’s a 23 year old restaurant owner in Dallas. He earns $97,000 a year pre-tax.

Before we dive into where his money’s going, here’s a recap of his details.

Name: Mo (not really but you know what’s up)

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 23

Location: Dallas

Yearly Salary: $97,000

Industry: Food

Position: Restaurant Owner


Rent: $1200

Electricity: $200

Car Insurance: $170

Spotify: $10

Netflix: $15.49

Gym: $50

Groceries: $300

Water: $50

Phone bill: $120,

Health insurance: $100

Total monthly expenses: $2,215.49

Mo does not share these living expenses with anyone. He lives alone. How does it feel to live my dream?


My alarm rang around 7:30am and I started preparing for work straight away.

On my way to work, I stopped for gas ($20). I normally prepare lunch in my restaurant, and today was no different ($0). I did buy a soda to go with it though ($2.42).

After work, I bought groceries for the week ($75).

Monday’s total: $97.42


Another day at work. I went out for lunch with a friend today. I spent $10 on chicken salad and $6 on juice.

Later in the evening, I bought a pack of beer for $11. 😎

Tuesday’s total: $27


My Wednesday was basically a repetition of Monday. I went to work and I bought extra gas ($20).

Plus, it’s the start of the month. So I put $100 into crypto. I do that this time every month.

Wednesday’s total: $120


Today I went to the store to grab a new shirt ($30) because I had a date in the evening.

During the date, I spent $120.

Thursday’s total: $150


So, I also do event planning. Today I had to drive down to meet a potential client. On my way, I bought gas ($10). I also ate lunch out ($20)

On my way home, I bought a new phone charger ($12).

Friday’s total: $42


I stayed home, did chores, spent nothing.


Saturday’s today: $0


Today I bought gas on the way to church ($10). I paid for thanks giving ($10), plus offering ($5).

When I got home, I binged Stranger Things and nothing else.

Sunday’s total: $25

The week’s total: $461.42

Now you’re invested in Mo’s money life, fire up this tab for later. He digs deeper into the thinking behind some of those spends.

The money move we love to see 💅

We love your attitude Mo

You’ve been through a lot, and you’re so caring. Keep going.

“Only invest the money you have, not the money you need” is a piece of advice we’ll pass on from you to as many people as we can. Like right now.

Try these small changes. They could make your money go a long way 💙

The whole crypto thing

We may be the best money app around town, but we’re not crypto experts (not yet at least). So we’re not gonna sit here and give you crypto advice.

The problem is, most people won’t admit they’re not crypto experts. So a lot bullshit gets passed around that isn’t always safe for you and your money.

With that in mind, our only words of wisdom are this: be careful. For every bitcoin success story, there’s someone rocking back and forth on their flannel bed sheets crying.

Make sure you’re clued up.

Get on that loyalty card hype

Your restaurant sounds awesome. Next time I’m in Dallas, I’m there. Honestly.

And I hope everyone else is, too.

2022 is all about money hacks. People can’t get enough of them. Why? Probs because the big system is fucking us all over, so we’ve collectively decided to make our own mini systems to save a few bucks wherever possible.

Getting in on that is a win win: people get good food for cheaper, you get loyal customers.

Start small. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate between your restaurant and your event planning business. But when you get time, why not give loyalty cards a go? Get them regulars in.

Anyway. Hope all this helps.

Wherever you’re at with your money, keep going. You got this.

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Big love. Cleo 💙

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