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Grace Green

Grace Green


Jules is a Content Writer with a background in journalism.

Prior to Cleo, Jules worked at the UK’s biggest consumer website, Money Saving Expert, where she helped make the financially uninformed, informed.

She has a passion for seeking out the best deals and helping people save money.

When she’s not at her desk writing the Sh*t You Didn’t Learn in School newsletter, she can be found hiking in the countryside with her Border Collie, at the gym, or watching the US Office on repeat

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Maximizing Your Credit Score: Building Credit Fast

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Master Money Management with a Free Budget App

Having your own money 🤪 Managing your own money 🥴

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Amplify Your Savings: The Power of Savings Apps

No more “accidentally” spending the money you earmarked for savings 🙃

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Maximize Your Finances: Uncovering the Best Ai Budgeting Tools

Stop 🚩 doing your budget 🚩 in your head 🚩

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Financial Fitness: Glow Up With These AI Budgeting Tools

Budgeting tools that'll let you spend as little time as possible thinking about your budget 🙃

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Change Your Spending Chemistry With These Budgeting Tools

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Savings Apps: Your Key to Financial Growth

Have you been trying to build savings without a savings app to help?


Transform Your Finances with the Right AI Budget App

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Meet Cleo: Your Very Own AI Budgeting Assistant

How an AI personal budget can make the whole money thing way more chill


The AI Budget App: Your New Personal Finance Guru

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AI Budgeting Tools: Your Path to Savings

How AI technology can help maximize your savings

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How a Free Budget App Can Secure Your Financial Freedom

You never have to stress-cry over an Excel spreadsheet again 🙃

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