Meet Cleo: Your Very Own AI Budgeting Assistant

How an AI personal budget can make the whole money thing way more chill

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In 2023 managing your money can be like riding a rollercoaster in the dark. And it’s not just managing your money. It’s working full-time, grocery shopping, cleaning, keeping up with friends and family, exercising, and managing your money.

Here’s where an AI personal budget changes things. Firstly, an AI budget app can create a personalized budget tailored to your specific needs, using fancy algorithms to help you make the smartest money moves – solving the first problem.

It also deals with all of your money stuff in real-time, keeping you up-to-date minute by minute, and automates all the boring tasks. So you can spend the least time thinking about money, but still get control over your finances.

In this blog, we'll take a look at all the things Cleo can do for you and explore the features that make Cleo the money app equivalent of that fun aunt you want to talk to for the whole family party (but are also a little scared of).

The Power of AI Personal Budgeting

Imagine having a really smart friend, maybe who works in finance, who understands your financial patterns, helps you make smart decisions, and nudges you in the right direction when it comes to spending and saving. Cleo is basically like having access to that friend 24/7.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, Cleo transforms the not-so-fun task of budgeting into a chill conversation.

Chat with Cleo

Cleo isn't just any budgeting app. She's like a virtual money assistant in your pocket. With what tech bros call a “user-friendly interface,” you can DM Cleo just as you would a friend. She’ll also roast you as a friend would. If you're veering off track or making questionable financial choices, Cleo will help you stay on course with some mild verbal abuse. As in, she’ll tell you how much you spent on Uber last month. Type “roast me” into the chat. We dare you.

Personalized Budgeting, Tailored to You

An AI personal budget isn't one-size-fits-all. Cleo understands that everyone's financial situation is unique. With Cleo, you can create a personalized budget that aligns with your income, expenses, and financial goals. You connect your bank account, and Cleo analyzes this data. She’ll also automatically categorize your spending into categories like groceries, shopping, and bank charges.  By analyzing your spending patterns, Cleo will show you areas where you might be overspending and offer suggestions to optimize your budget. As we said, it’s not rigid, so your budget keeps moving and changing as your life does.

In-Time Synchronization for Real-Time Insights

What do all those words mean? Basically that as you spend your money, Cleo updates your budget in real-time, giving you instant insights into your spending and making sure that you always have an accurate picture of your financial health. This feature is crucial for staying on top of your finances and making informed decisions on the fly. It’s also really good for your peace of mind – like, if you’re about to go for brunch with friends, you can just check how far you are from your spend limit, and you can avoid financial anxiety when the cheque comes in.

Cleo Will Literally DM You Alerts

We all know the feeling of realizing we've overspent just a little too late. With Cleo, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Cleo keeps an eye on your spending habits and alerts you when you're nearing your spend limit or when bills are due. These notifications keep your spending in check and ensure you never miss a payment (timely payments make up the majority of your credit score, too. Just saying).

Autosave: Saving on Autopilot

Saving money is a goal for most people, but to put it bluntly, setting aside money sucks. And sometimes it’s really hard to do. Autosave simplifies the whole saving process. You sign up to autosave, and Cleo automatically transfers a designated amount into your Cleo wallet. Whether you’re saving for an emergency fund, a new car, or a holiday, Cleo automates your savings so that you just watch the dollars stack up in your Cleo wallet.

Haggle It

As well as helping you save money within your budget, Cleo can also help you save money on your bills and rent. With Haggle It, you tell Cleo what you want to haggle, and she’ll write you a good-to-go letter to Whom it May Concern. 1 in 3 survey respondents said they successfully managed to save some money with Haggle It– so it’s def worth a try.

Ready to see what Cleo can do for you? There’s only one thing left to do.

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*Eligibility requirements apply. Not all users will qualify. Advance amounts range from $20 to $250. Same day transfers subject to express fees. Visit meetcleo.com/terms for more information.

Cleo could spot you up to $250.* No credit checks. No interest. No problem.

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