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AI: My Digital Mentor

Sara is a Frontend Engineer here at Cleo. She outlines how she's using AI to streamline her workflows.

AI: My Digital Mentor

In the bustling world of a scale-up front-end developer & single part-time working mother of twins, the balancing act between professional duties and personal obligations is a daily challenge. Amidst this whirlwind, a game-changing ally has emerged in my life - Artificial Intelligence, or more specifically, ChatGPT.

Here are four ways ChatGPT has streamlined my workflow:

Boosting Efficiency in Work and Life

One of the most transformative effects AI has had on my life is the sheer efficiency it lends.

Take for example, the time I had queries about my car leasing contract. I wanted to cancel it early and wasn’t sure under which special circumstances this would be possible without penalties, what those penalties would be, and how the contracted kilometers would be adjusted when canceling early.

Instead of trudging through 40 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo, I merely uploaded the document and pitched my questions to ChatGPT. This straightforward interaction saved me invaluable time, a commodity that's as precious as gold to a working mother.

Expanding Professional Boundaries

AI has also been instrumental in expanding my professional boundaries.

As a front-end developer, I constantly found myself needing the assistance of analysts or back-end developers for certain tasks.

Thanks to ChatGPT, I've gained a newfound independence. I can now craft basic SQL analyses for our A/B tests and pinpoint issues or trends.

This novel skill has sparked more interactions with a diverse array of roles within my organization, nudging me out of my front-end comfort zone.

Empowering and Building Confidence

AI has equipped me with the power to take on tasks that once felt like climbing Everest, thereby significantly bolstering my confidence.

A prime instance was when I wanted to send an alert to a Slack channel every time a developer made a specific change in a specific file and released the change to the production code base. Changes to this file are very sensitive and keeping a team of developers and analysts aware of changes would greatly improve error prevention.

I was clueless about how to tackle this, but ChatGPT wasn't. It recommended using a Zap, and even devised a solution for the entire task.

Wrapping Up

AI is far more than a mere tool; it's a digital mentor that has revolutionized my professional existence.

It has heightened my efficiency, expanded my professional scope, and empowered me to tackle new challenges head-on.

As we navigate towards a future where AI will continue to play a pivotal role in our lives, I am thrilled about the potential opportunities it will bring for women in tech, particularly those juggling multiple roles like myself.

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